More Information on Political Science

Student Learning Objectives Political Science

Bachelor of Arts 

  • The student understands the significance of formal and informal political ideas and of institutions in the operation of society.
  • The student locates the study of politics within the ongoing development of the social  sciences.              
  • The student grasps the range of intellectual perspectives constituting political science and the formal study of politics.
  • The student develops sophisticated research skills in political science.
  • The student understands the requirements of effective and virtuous citizenship.
  • The student develops and utilizes the techniques of critical thought.

Master of Arts 

  • To provide deep, focused knowledge of the core values that shape the lives and institutions of a society.
  • To provide the knowledge of how governmental and non-governmental institutions are influenced by those core values and, in turn, help to shape them.
  • To provide the methodological and analytic skills necessary for understanding the interaction among public sector institutions and their relationship to civil society.
  • To provide the leadership skills and tools needed for successful service and careers in public sector organizations.


  • Understands and can critically evaluate the scholarly literature of political science in general and his/her chosen field of specialization in particular.
  • Attains expertise in a chosen sub-field of political science.
  • Attains expertise in a sub-field of political science other than the chosen field of specialization.
  • Is trained in and understands a variety of methods of political science.
  • Is able to engage in independent research in the field of political science.
  • Acquires the skills necessary to become a teacher of political science as well as a researcher.
  • Understands how to function effectively in the profession of political science.