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Certificate of Graduate Study

Online Learning and Teaching

Program of Study

Core Courses

Choose three:

  • Introduction to Online Teaching
  • Introduction to Distance Learning
  • K-12 Online Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching and Learning in Immersive Environments

Educational Computing and Instructional Design

Choose one:

  • Educational Computing
  • Systematic Design of Instruction
  • Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum

Educational Theory and Practice

Choose one:

  • Contemporary Patterns in Teaching
  • Seminar in Instructional Technology
  • Graduate Internship in Online Learning

See graduate bulletin for details.

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In the COLT program, you develop a personalized curriculum by choosing from groups of selected course options. This enables you to narrow or broaden your course of study in whatever way best supports your individual career goals in online teaching.

Sample course topics:

  • The history and technology of instructional media such as audio, video, software, websites, and satellite broadcasting.
  • Immersive games, simulations, and virtual reality programs designed to educate children or adults.
  • Educational computer software applications, programming, hypermedia, and telecommunications.
  • Learning, instruction, and design of materials that support independent learning.

All credits earned toward the graduate online teaching certificate can be applied to the master's program in curriculum development and instructional technology.

Admissions Requirements

Required Credentials & Deadlines

Required Application Materials:

  • Transcripts from all schools attended
  • Two letters of recommendation (The two letters of recommendation should come from people who would be able to evaluate your capability for academic success; who can evaluate your substantial work (paid or unpaid) in education or your current field; who supervise your work in current employment and can speak to your capacity for collaborating, managing multiple projects simultaneously, as well as working independently; or who have observed your effectiveness in a professional or human-service context.)
  • Statement of Goals
  • Copy of teaching certificate if applicable

The deadline for application to this program is rolling, Department Assistantship Consideration is not available. 

Careers and Advisement

The Pathways Into Education (PIE) Center is the central office on campus serving undergraduate, graduate, and prospective students interested in pursuing careers in education and programs leading to teacher certification.

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Graduate Advisement:
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