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CTG Research Addresses the Digital Divide at the Local Level

Governments around the world are using information and communication technology (ICT) policies to foster the development of an information society. Yet, there is no clear evidence to suggest these policies are helping to align investments with needs at the local level, according to UAlbany CTG researchers J. Ramon Gil-Garcia and Luigi Reggi.
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UAlbany Researchers Examine Health Data Policies in the Biden-Harris Administration

As a new presidential administration commences, researchers at the University at Albany are analyzing the potential impact on health data policy and opportunities for improved access. Writing in JAMA Health Forum, authors Erika Martin and Mila Gascó-Hernandez see renewed opportunities for growth and success if the Biden-Harris Administration follows the lead of past practices inaugurated under President Barack Obama.
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Six Junior Faculty are Recognized for Auspicious Beginnings to Careers

Six young faculty researcher stars were acknowledged this month by the University.
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Risk Communication Experts Analyze Visual Responses to Tornado Warning Graphics

The analysis used a combination of eye-tracking methods and “think aloud” interviews to investigate what visual features attract attention and/or cue a call to action around an emerging threat.
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UAlbany Mock Trial Hosts Virtual Invitational

UAlbany Mock Trial hosted the Capital Region Clash Mock Trial Invitational, with 21 teams from around the country competing.
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