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Office of Assessment

The purpose of this site is to support University at Albany faculty and staff in their assessment efforts.


What is assessment?

Short and sweet
Assessment is a continuous quality improvement process for higher education.

Long version
Assessment is a systematic process in which faculty and staff define goals and objectives for programmatic activities, develop performance metrics to gauge success, and use evaluation results to retool what we do in and out of the classroom so that we can get better and better at what we do - across the activities that constitute the University at Albany mission.

Why is UAlbany committed to assessment?

First and foremost, because we believe that no matter how good we are, we can always do better - whether in the classroom, the research laboratory, or in delivering important services out in the communities we serve.

Secondarily, but of growing importance to the various publics we serve, assessment activities are a way for UAlbany to demonstrate that it is a responsible steward of the public investment made by the citizens of New York State.


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