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Master of Science 

Data Science

Program of Study


Learn from established experts in the innovative disciplines of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The curriculum provides you a comprehensive experience focusing on the three key areas of topological data analysis, machine learning and statistics.

Develop proficiency in the most current data science tools, including general programming skills in Python and R, neural network software such as TensorFlow, and topological data analysis tools such as Ayasdi's Mapper, Eirene and Ripser. As you gain skills and develop specialized interests, you will work with department advisors to create a learning track that is tailored to your personal career goals.

Core Requirement

  • Programming for Data Science

Topological Data Analysis Courses

  • Topological Data Analysis I
  • Topological Data Analysis II

Machine Learning Courses

  • Mathematics for Data Science
  • Optimization Methods and Nonlinear Programming
  • Machine Learning

Statistics Courses

  • Introduction to Theory of Statistics I
  • Applied Statistics
  • Nonparametric Statistics


(Choose one course)

  • Practical methods in topological data analysis
  • Practical methods in machine learning
  • Computational Methods in Statistical Inference


(Choose two courses)

  • Advanced Linear Algebra
  • Introduction to Stochastic Processes I
  • Additional practicum course

Capstone Requirement

The practicums require comprehensive analysis of data sets along with oral presentations or poster presentations of the results.

Additional Information

See the Graduate Bulletin for details.

For more information, contact the Data Science Team at [email protected]​​​​​​​.

Career Outcomes

Nearly every industry needs insight from data science experts to solve complex business challenges, improve customer experiences, and develop innovative products and services. With an MS in Data Science degree from UAlbany, you will be at the cutting edge of a new era of intelligent data utilization.

Potential job titles for a Data Science master's degree include:

  • Algorithm developer
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Data architect
  • Data engineer
  • Data mining
  • Distributed systems engineer
  • Machine learning engineer



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“I went into this semester nervous that I wouldn't know enough about Python to work in Data Science. I'm leaving this semester feeling as though I learned years of information. The professor was extremely helpful outside of class and gave some of the best lectures I've ever attended.”

International Students

This degree is designated as a STEM program. International students maintaining F-1 status are allowed to apply for up to 12 months of post-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) following completion/graduation from their degree program. Currently, this degree program is also designated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as an eligible degree for the F-1 STEM OPT work authorization extension; students who secure qualifying employment may be eligible to apply for the STEM OPT extension for a cumulative total of up to 36 months of F-1 OPT work authorization.

Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Option

If you’re a current UAlbany undergraduate student with at least a 3.2 GPA, you can save time and money by beginning your graduate degree coursework as early as your junior year. Up to 12 academic credits, billed at the undergraduate rate, will count towards both degrees – so you can complete your combined program in only 5 years and spend less than you would if you completed each program separately.

Contact your undergraduate advisor to see if you’re eligible and learn about your combined graduate program options.

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Admissions Requirements
  • Fall: Rolling
  • Spring: Not Available
  • Summer: Not Available

There is no departmental assistantship consideration for this program.

Required Application Materials
  • Transcripts from all schools attended
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Statement of goals
Student Learning Objectives

Learning objectives that UAlbany students are expected to attain through their course of study within their academic program.

Master of Science
  • Discuss, analyze, or apply an advanced mathematical concept in the context of use in data science.
  • Given a problem and the associated dataset, evaluate the required need for a model and tools needed.  Build a model and solve the problem by applying appropriate learned skills, together with an appropriate code implementation.