Combined Undergraduate & Graduate Programs

Our accelerated programs allow motivated undergraduates to get a head start on their graduate studies.

What is a Combined Program?

Current UAlbany undergraduate students with certain majors and strong academic records may have the opportunity to begin their graduate studies while still enrolled as an undergraduate student. 

The minimum number of credit hours required for combined degree programs will vary depending on the graduate program’s total credit requirement (138 to 193 credits).  


How does it work?

Students admitted into a combined program can double count a certain number of graduate credits towards both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. The number of credits a student can double count varies based on the graduate program and is listed in the Graduate Bulletin requirements for the combined program. 

Regardless of the number of graduate credits that can double count between undergraduate and graduate programs, once a student is either qualified to receive their bachelor's degree or enrolls in the 13th credit of graduate course work (whichever occurs first), the student will be considered a graduate student for tuition billing, financial aid and enrollment identification, and will be eligible for graduate assistantships, fellowships and loans.

How do I apply?

Current UAlbany students can apply for admission to a combined program using our standard application process and, if accepted, begin taking graduate level coursework as early as their junior year.

Applicants must have at least a 3.2 cumulative GPA. The Graduate School will waive the GRE requirements, if applicable, for combined degree applicants.

Visit the Graduate Bulletin for more information on combined undergraduate/graduate programs.

Have questions? Contact the Graduate School.


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