Funding Graduate Studies

Cost & Aid for Graduate Students 

Earning a college degree from the University at Albany is a smart investment in your future. That's because the value of your degree is determined not just by the education and career preparation you receive, but also by how much it costs to receive it. 

As a public research university, UAlbany costs considerably less than most private institutions offering the same rigorous academic experience. 

Tuition & Fees

Visit the Tuition & Fees for Graduate Students page for detailed financial information. 

If your program is exclusively online, please visit the Tuition & Fees for Online Students page.

If you are an international student, please visit the Tuition & Fees for International Students page.

Federal & State Financial Aid

Financial aid — including federal loans, work-study, state aid and other types of assistance — is available to graduate students. We encourage students to review the Federal Financial Aid for Graduate or Professional Students and file the FAFSA each year. 

Please review these instructions for applying for financial aid as a graduate student

For information on financial aid for veterans and military-connected students, including the GI Bill and Military Tuition Assistance, please visit the Office of Veteran and Military Student Services website.

Visit the Student Financial Services website for more information from the Offices of Financial Aid and Student Accounts. 


Tuition Scholarships, Assistantships & Fellowships

Most tuition scholarships, assistantships and fellowships are offered and administered by academic departments. Please contact your program for information on eligibility and availability. 

Prospective graduate students can apply for an assistantship or fellowship when they apply for admission.

Graduate students who are continuing their studies should apply for funding directly with their department.  

Please also review these guidelines for all state-funded scholarship, assistantship and fellowship programs:

Tuition Scholarships

Academically competitive, merit-based awards are available in several of UAlbany’s graduate programs. They are available to both doctoral and master's students and generally support full-time graduate students. 

Tuition scholarships are awarded by academic departments and only apply toward the tuition charges on your bill. Please ask your academic department about the availability of tuition scholarships.

Graduate and Teaching Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships provide practical teaching, research or administrative experience, often related to your academic program, as well as a stipend to compensate you for your work. 

Please contact your academic department, as well as your school or college, to inquire about available graduate and teaching assistantships. 

Some University offices, such as administrative services and Residential Life, also offer assistantships. Please log into Handshake to view any available opportunities. 

You may also wish to review our Graduate and Teaching Assistant Vacancies page.

Students selected for assistantships should review the Graduate and Teaching Assistant Benefit Information.


Fellowships provide a stipend without service requirements, allowing graduate students to be exclusively engaged in their academic work.  

Please inquire with your academic department as to the availability of fellowships within your discipline.

Graduate students meet at the Health Sciences Campus.


Funding Programs that Support our Diversity 

Funding programs that support our diversity not only broaden access to graduate education but also ensure our society is enriched by scholars and leaders with diverse backgrounds. 

Graduate Opportunity Program

The Graduate Opportunity Program (GOP) provides partial tuition assistance to New York State Opportunity Program — Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) or Search for Education, Elevation, and Knowledge (SEEK) program — graduates who are admitted to certain graduate degree programs.

GOP provides a partial tuition scholarship. Awardees are responsible for any additional tuition costs not covered by the scholarship and all fees associated with enrollment. 


Applicants must be a New York State resident, have graduated from an EOP, HEOP or SEEK program, and apply and be admitted as a full-time student to a UAlbany graduate degree or certificate program that requires at least 30 credits.

Full-time students working more than 20 hours per week are not eligible to participate in the GOP program. 

How to Apply

Prospective students must submit a completed GOP Certification of Participation Form with their admissions application. Please note, the form is a fillable PDF and for full accessibility (electronic signature) you must open it using Adobe® Acrobat® Reader.

Funding is limited and cannot be guaranteed to all who apply. The priority deadline is February 15 and applications are reviewed as they are received. 

Please email [email protected] with any questions. 


Consistent with University guidelines, graduate students in the GOP program are held to the following funding limits: 

  • Master’s students may be considered for a GOP award for up to four semesters 

  • Doctoral students may be considered for a GOP award for up to eight semesters 

Funding is not provided for second master’s degree, non-degree study or a graduate certificate program of less than 30 credit hours.

Please email [email protected] with any questions. 

Carson Carr Graduate Diversity Fellowship Program

The Carson Carr Graduate Diversity Fellowship Program is a competitive, merit-based program for full-time graduate students (9 graduate credits) who will contribute to the diversity of the student body in the graduate or professional program in which they will be enrolled.

This award is named for Dr. Carson Carr, former director of UAlbany’s Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), in recognition of his stellar achievements in support of the recruitment, retention and graduation of underrepresented students. 

Carr Fellows receive a tuition scholarship, an academic-year stipend, and a Teaching or Research Assistantship. All awards are subject to University-wide policies concerning the limitation on state-allocated funding. 


  1. Applicants must have earned by the time of enrollment, a baccalaureate degree granted by an accredited U.S. college or university, or an international university of recognized standing.  

  2. Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or have obtained permanent resident status by the time of enrollment.  

  3. Students must contribute to the diversity of the graduate program to which they have been admitted. Economic or other disadvantage may be a basis for assessing a student’s contribution to enhancing diversity. Membership in a racial/ethnic group that has historically been underrepresented in the graduate or professional program in which admission is sought may serve as a plus factor in making awards.  


Selection of the Carson Carr Graduate Diversity Fellows will be prioritized as follows: 

  1. New graduate students who are being recruited but who have not yet accepted admission to a State University graduate program. This first priority aims to recruit students who will contribute to the diversity of the student body and who otherwise would not come to State University, especially New York State residents. 

  2. Graduate Opportunity Waiver Program students who can be awarded a stipend to supplement their waiver to tuition.  

  3. Currently enrolled doctoral candidates who have completed all degree requirements but the dissertation (“ABD”).  

  4. Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants who can receive a supplement to their current stipends to enhance their retention in graduate studies. 

How to Apply

Applicants must submit an essay (maximum 500 words) stating how they: 

  • Will contribute to the diversity of their academic program’s student body 

  • Overcame any disadvantage(s) or other impediment(s) to success in higher education

  • Are committed to increasing opportunities for underrepresented populations and 

  • Plan to participate fully in all aspects of the fellowship program, including acting as a mentor and teacher for a wide variety of students.

Prospective students should submit their essay with their admissions application. 

Current students should email their essay, with an Albany ID number, to [email protected]

The deadline is January 15 for summer and fall consideration, and October 15 for spring consideration.  

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Application Fee Waivers

The Graduate School will honor requests for an application fee waiver from applicants affiliated with:  

  • Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) 

  • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) 

  • GEM Fellowship Program (GEM) 

  • Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) 

  • Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) 

  • Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge (SEEK) 

  • TRIO Programs 

To request a waiver, submit a completed Graduate Fee Waiver Request Form and a certifying letter from your program director, attesting to your participation, with your admissions application. Please note, the form is a fillable PDF and for full accessibility (electronic signature) you must open it using Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. 

International and SOPHAS applicants are not eligible.

If your fee waiver request is approved, one application fee waiver will be placed on your account in the University at Albany application portal. 

Please email [email protected] with any questions. 

Additional Programs Administered by the Graduate School

Dean’s Merit Award

The Dean’s Merit Award is a partial scholarship offered to incoming international students who plan to enroll full-time in a matriculated master's program, based on their academic achievements. 

  • Students who are in a combined undergraduate-graduate degree program, participate in the Graduate Opportunity Program or receive tuition support through an assistantship or fellowship are not eligible to receive the Dean’s Merit Award. 
  • To remain eligible for this award, a student must be enrolled full-time (9 graduate credits) and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. 
  • Academic departments select recipients based on their admissions application. There is not a separate application required to be considered for the Dean’s Merit Award. Recipients are notified at the time of admission.

Students who receive a tuition scholarship through an assistantship, Fellowship or a participate of the Graduate Opportunity Program (GOP) are ineligible for this award.

If you have questions regarding the Dean’s Merit Award, please contact Tara Curley, the Graduate School’s Director of Finance and Administration, at [email protected]

Great Dane Grad Scholarship

Effective Fall 2022

UAlbany undergraduates and recent alumni who graduated with a 3.0 gpa and plan to continue their graduate studies and apply to a master’s program will be automatically considered for the Great Dane Grad Scholarship. This award is for new, incoming students starting Fall 2022. Returning students are ineligible. 


  • Recipients must plan to enroll full-time in a matriculated master’s degree program.
  • Students and applicants who are enrolled as a BA/MA or BS/MS student, a certificate, or fully-online program are not eligible to receive this award.

Funding Levels:

  • Domestic applicants are eligible to receive an award up to $1,000/semester.
  • International applicants are eligible to receive an award up to $1,000/semester.

Students enrolled in programs with 30 credits will continue to receive support up to 3 semesters and students enrolled in programs over 30 credits will continue to receive support up to 4 semesters.

Students who receive a tuition scholarship through an assistantship, Fellowship or a participate of the Graduate Opportunity Program (GOP) are ineligible for this award.

Ambassador Programs

Graduate Ambassador Program 

The Graduate Ambassador Program connects prospective graduate students with current graduate students who can answer questions about life at UAlbany and engages current graduate students.  

You can apply to become a paid Graduate Ambassador after completing your first semester in your program. 

To apply please email Soha Acosta, Director of Recruitment & Marketing, at [email protected]

Graduate Scholar Ambassador Award 

This award provides funding to graduate students who want to travel to their alma mater to present about their academic program, research and life at UAlbany.

The award offers our top students the opportunity to share their work in scholarly settings and promote graduate education. 

To apply please email Soha Acosta, Director of Recruitment & Marketing, at [email protected]

Dissertation Research Fellowship Awards

The Dissertation Research Fellowship Awards program helps offset research expenses related to dissertation projects, including: 

  • costs associated with information access (but not basic computer hardware or software) 

  • renumeration of human subjects 

  • costs associated with buying supplies or renting equipment (students must obtain their project supervisor’s written consent to purchase chemicals)  

  • other research-related expenses (excluding costs associated with producing a manuscript or travel to scholarly meetings to present research) 

A limited number of doctoral candidates are selected to receive this award each year. The one-time award generally doesn’t exceed $1,000 per student. 


Applicants must be doctoral students in good academic standing who have completed all required course work and exams, and who have been formally admitted or advanced to doctoral candidacy. 

Applicants may seek funding from other programs — including other major University initiatives, such as the Benevolent Association Research & Creative Activity Grants and Graduate Student Association Research & Professional Development Grants — but may not accept duplicate funding for the same expenses from multiple sources during the same academic year. 

How to Apply 

Applicants must prepare an application packet with the following materials, organized in the following order:

  1. A completed application cover sheet, which includes an itemized budget with justification and a project description 

    • When justifying your budget, please describe how the potential award will facilitate the research project and why any budgeted materials cannot be supplied by the University. 

    • Your project description should be written so that readers outside the discipline can understand the proposed research project. You should also clearly indicate how this research project related to the completion of your degree. 

  2. A statement of support from your research advisor 

    • The letter should indicate the status of your project and its potential impact. If your advisor is currently supported by external funding (such as state, federal or private grants and/or contracts), your advisor must explain to what extent their student is supported by these funds and why these funds are not available to support the research being described in your application. 

  3. A curriculum vita 

    • This one-page listing should include your degrees, honors, publications, papers presented at professional meetings, etc. 

  4. Approval to conduct research with human or animal subjects, if applicable

    • If your research project collects or will collect information on or about living human beings or animals, you must complete and submit a human subject or animal welfare approval form to the Office of Regulatory & Research Compliance before submitting your fellowship award application. 

    • The Institutional Review Board reviews and approves requests involving human subjects

    • The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee reviews and approves requests involving animal welfare

    • Final approval must be obtained before the start of the research project and before funds are released. 

Applications can be emailed to [email protected] or dropped off at the Graduate School’s offices in Management Services Center (MSC) 209.

Review Process  

Applications are accepted and considered on a rolling basis, with no deadline. Funding decisions are announced monthly, so applicants should expect to hear back the month after the apply. 

If award funds are exhausted, remaining applications will be considered in the following award year. 

Faculty and staff from disciplines across campus, or Graduate School administrative staff, review applications. Evaluative criteria include but are not limited to: 

  • quality and feasibility of the proposed research project and its design 

  • clarity of the proposal to reviewers from other disciplines 

  • clarity, rationality and appropriateness of the budget 

  • evidence of matching funds from other sources 

Please email [email protected] with any questions. 

Final Report

All recipients must submit a one-page final report to the Graduate School Dean’s office at the conclusion of their award period. 

This report should describe the research facilitated by the funding and provide an update on the research project’s status. 

Other UAlbany Funding Opportunities

Some University offices and centers also offer funding opportunities. Our students should consider these options:

Alumni Association Scholarships

For more than 30 years, the University at Albany Alumni Association has provided scholarships to graduate students to help continue UAlbany’s tradition of excellence and opportunity. Visit UAlbany Alumni Association Scholarships to learn more. 

Graduate Student Association Grants

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) offers all current University graduate students the opportunity to apply for grant money to support their academic pursuits. To learn more, visit Graduate Student Associate.

​​​​​​GSEU Professional Development Award Program

The University at Albany and the Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU) are pleased to announce the availability of funds for the Professional Development Awards Program provided for and funded under the 2019-2023 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the State of New York and GSEU.

This program is designed to support a variety of professional development activities that help teaching and graduate assistants develop their professional skills and prepare them for careers in their disciplines. 

All full-time and part-time teaching and graduate assistants represented by the GSEU are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity, if eligible. Please review the attached documents for more information on how to apply. Please review the documents below for more information on how to apply.

The Program Guidelines, Application and Program Evaluation are attached. The Program Evaluation must be completed within 30 days of completing the activity or notification of an award. Applications must be received on or before 5 p.m. Monday, May 3, 2023. 

The Application must be accompanied by the appropriate reimbursement request form(s). All requests for travel related reimbursement must be filed on the State New York Travel Voucher (Form AC 132). Supporting documents (receipts, etc.) should be attached and cross-referenced on the travel voucher.

University at Albany requires electronic submission for all forms and expenses/receipts being claimed. Please email all documents to [email protected].

If a personal car was used, the Statement of Automobile Travel form (Form AC 160) should be completed and included. Further information on travel can be found on the State Accounting site.

Presidential Doctoral Fellowship for Research Training in Health Disparities

Fellows can pursue any UAlbany doctoral program and receive transdisciplinary training in health disparities. Fellows receive funding to cover their full tuition and fees, compensation and other financial benefits, as well as training and mentorship. Visit Presidential Doctoral Fellowship for Research Training in Health Disparities for more information. 

A teaching assistant works with a student in an Archaeology lab class.


Employment Opportunities 

Current students can view on-campus job postings and apply online in the Campus Life section of MyUAlbany. Follow the link under Campus Employment to “Student Assistant Jobs.” These opportunities are available to all registered UAlbany students and do not require a federal work-study. 

Students should also review:

If you’re looking for an internship or job search assistance, please visit the Career Services website


External Funding Opportunities 

The Division of Research supports the University at Albany’s research activities. Please visit the UAlbany Student Fellowship & Funding Navigator to search for funding opportunities.