Information for Admitted Students

Congratulations and Welcome to UAlbany!  

We've collected these instructions and resources to make your transition to graduate school as smooth as possible. 

Please read the Graduate Student Guidebook and contact your academic department regarding program-specific orientations. 


Next Steps

Paying Your Enrollment Deposit

The University requires a $250 non-refundable Graduate Enrollment Deposit to secure your confirmation of admission.

Your admission letter may list a deadline for submitting your enrollment deposit. If one is not listed, we recommend depositing as early as possible to get access to University resources and get started with advisement.

Your deposit will be applied toward your first tuition bill. Visit the Student Financial Services website for more information on billing and accounts. 


The enrollment deposit can be waived for Graduate Opportunity Program tuition scholarship recipients, fully funded doctoral students, veterans receiving GI Bill funding and other students with other special funding circumstances. Please email [email protected] to request a waiver. 


Students who decide to defer their application to a future term will have their deposit applied to the future term. To defer your term of entry, you must pay a $20 fee via the Graduate Admission Deferral Request Form.

If you are enrolled in coursework, you will need to drop your courses via your MyUAlbany portal before a defer request can be processed. If coursework is not dropped you may incur financial liability for the coursework you are registered for.  

Applications can be deferred for up to one year of your original application term. Please note that your admission is not guaranteed when you request a deferral, and your application may be reconsidered within the pool of applications received for the new term. 

Accessing Email, MyUAlbany & Registration

A few days after you’ve paid your enrollment deposit, the University will send you important information to the personal email address you provided in your admissions application.  

  • The first email will contain your AlbanyID, a 9-digit University identification number. This number is also available in your admission letter.
  • The second email will contain your PIN, along with instructions for activating your MyUAlbany and University email accounts.

Next, you should contact your advisor to obtain your Advisor Verification Number (AVN), which you’ll need to register for classes. 

Your admission letter will list your advisor’s name and contact information. Academic departments assign advisors. 

Once you have your AVN, you can login to MyUAlbany, enter your AVN and enroll in classes. Instructions for completing the registration process are available within the Academics tab of MyUAlbany.  

If you do not receive a PIN email within three business days of confirming your acceptance or you have forgotten your MyUAlbany login information, contact ITS at 518-442-3700

Transfer credits 

If you would like outside credits to be considered, you will need to complete a Transfer Credit Request Form for Master's and Certificate Students

Please keep in mind that total number of credits accepted is at the discretion of your academic department and all outside credits may not transfer.  

Visit the Graduate Bulletin for more information on the University’s transfer credit policies

Fulfilling Immunization Requirements

Students are required to fulfill several immunization and health requirements before they can register for classes. Generally, you will be able to access your next steps one business day after these requirements are fully met.

Arriving on Campus

Please read the Graduate Student Guidebook and contact your academic department regarding program-specific orientations. 

When you arrive on campus, you’ll want to get your ID card, which serves as your library card, bus pass, building access card and more. Download our campus maps here.

Be sure to also check out the Graduate Student Association. All graduate students are members of this student-run organization, which provides opportunities for shared governance, social events and grants. 

Campus Resources

Housing, Parking & Public Transportation
Health & Safety
Offices that Support Our Diversity