Resources for Current Students

Workshops & Events  

Note: Please visit our Dissertation & Thesis page to register for virtual help sessions with the Graduate School and University Libraries.


University Resources 

Please visit the University's Current Students page for quick links to frequently visited websites, forms and other online resources available to all currently enrolled students. 

Visit the Graduate Policies page for quick links within the Graduate Bulletin.

Download and read a copy of the Graduate Student Guidebook here. 

Use your email address to access your free membership to the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity or VersatilePhD. You may also use your UAlbany credentials to access the Graduate School's Career and Professional Development shared folder.


Graduation and Degree Award Application 

The University’s programs vary in pace and individualization. As a result, graduate students who are entering their expected final term of study for a degree must submit a degree award application to become a degree candidate. 

UAlbany uses degree award applications to audit students’ academic records to ensure degree clearance, order diplomas and identify students for Commencement purposes. 

You should submit a degree award application on MyUAlbany at the beginning of the semester in which you anticipate graduating. 

To participate in Commencement ceremonies and events, your degree award application must be received within the submission window detailed on the Academic Calendar

Please review the Graduate Bulletin's Degree Application Policies and the Registrar’s Degree Application page for more information. 

Note: Some academic departments require students to complete their program in a specific allotted time. The University statute of limitations policy for all other programs is as follows: 

  • Certificate programs: Six years 

  • Master’s programs: Six years 

  • Doctoral programs: Eight years 

Supplemental Program Applications 

Graduate students may be eligible to earn subordinate degrees within their disciplines. For example, students pursuing doctoral programs can also pursue master's degrees within their department.  

To activate a subordinate degree program, students need to submit a request in one of two ways: 

There is a $20 fee associated with a supplemental program application. Students will receive a confirmation email once their application is processed. 

Note: The supplemental program application can only be submitted for subordinate degrees within your department. You must submit a standard Graduate School application for programs outside of your department. 

Please review the Graduate Bulletin to determine if your discipline offers subordinate degrees within your department.