Department of Educational & Counseling Psychology

The Department of Educational & Counseling Psychology is a multidisciplinary endeavor devoted to research, teaching, and service in the use of psychological principles to promote lifelong growth, learning, and development in multiple life roles and contexts. 

Department News
Department Faculty
Assistant Professor
Catskill 255
Assistant Professor
Catskill 223
Senior Research Scientist
ED 220
Assistant Professor
Catskill 251
Director of Master's Programs, Counseling Psychology
ED 243
Clinical Assistant Professor
Catskill 250
Associate Professor & Division Director, School Psychology
Catskill 233
Coordinator of Field Experiences
Catskill 260
Associate Professor & Division Director, Counseling Psychology
Catskill 219
Associate Professor
Catskill 271
Associate Professor & Doctoral Training Director, Counseling Psychology
Catskill 213
Associate Professor
ED 230
Associate Professor & Division Director, Special Education
Catskill 241
Associate Professor & Division Director, Educational Psychology and Methodology
Catskill 240
Assistant Professor
Catskill 259
Associate Professor & Department Chair
Catskill 217
Assistant Professor
Catskill 261
Eminent Research Professor
ED 233
Associate Professor
Catskill 279

Department Staff

Eileen Kruzinski, Secretary
Catskill 228
(518) 442-5056

Dayna KT Newton, Academic and Administrative Coordinator, Human Development Major
Catskill 230
(518) 442-5065

Alex Perez, Secretary
Catskill 228
(518) 442-5055

Sandra Romano, Secretary
Catskill 228
(518) 442-5052