Counseling Psychology

The mission of the division of counseling psychology is to contribute theoretical and empirical scholarship that receives significant external recognition and support, and to prepare culturally responsive scientists and practitioners capable of intervening to improve quality in multiple life domains including emotional, relational, educational, work, and health.

Dolores Cimini
Senior Research Scientist
Myrna L. Friedlander
Professor and Co-Director of Doctoral Training, Counseling Psychology
Jason Gallo
Director of Master's Programs, Counseling Psychology
Eileen Kruzinski
Administrative Assistant II
Jessica L. Martin
Associate Professor, Division Director & Co-Director of Doctoral Training, Counseling Psychology; Interim Division Director, School Psychology
Hung-Bin Sheu
Associate Professor & Department Chair

Adjunct Faculty

Melany Bradshaw
[email protected]

Robert Cardom
[email protected]

Jill DelTosta
[email protected]

Ryan Ebersole
[email protected]

Kathleen Gargan
[email protected]

Robert Hubbell
[email protected]

Mark Lukowitsky
[email protected]

Amina Mahmood
[email protected]

Catherine Parker
[email protected]

Sheliza Samuels
[email protected]