Catarina Durante Bergue Alves

Catarina Durante Bergue Alves

Department of Educational & Counseling Psychology
School of Education


Catskill 272
Catarina Alves smiling outdoors with red hair, glasses and yellow jacket

Dr. Alves joined the Counseling Psychology faculty in 2023. Her research focuses generally on gender-based violence and sex trafficking, specifically regarding coercion and control strategies used by traffickers. Dr. Alves has experience teaching both undergrad and graduate level courses, as well as providing training for faculty, students, and practitioners on issues related to privilege, oppression, intersectionality, and cultural competence. Dr. Alves has extensive clinical experience working with children and adults, specializing in trauma and sex trafficking. Dr. Alves enjoys spending time with her family (and pizza!) in her spare time.

Behavioral Disorders, Multicultural Psychology, Assessment Techniques in Mental Health Counseling, Supervision and Consultation, Foundations and Techniques of Group Counseling