Undergraduate Programs


BS Human Development 


Combined Bachelor's/Master's

The bachelor’s and master’s degree program allows students to declare an undergraduate major in combination with the School of Education (SOE) graduate program.

BS Human Development/MS Educational Psychology and Methodology

BS Human Development/MS Special Education and Literacy II

BS Human Development/MS Mental Health Counseling

BS Human Development/MS Higher Education

BS Human Development/CAS School Psychology


Great Dane Teacher Program

Thinking about a career in education? Through the Great Dane Teacher Program, you can pursue an accelerated pathway to a master's degree in education and New York State teacher certification. You’ll use your time as an undergraduate to become an expert in your content area, then, through graduate coursework, gain the knowledge and experience needed for a career as a teacher. By incorporating master's coursework into your undergraduate degree, you’ll save money by paying the undergraduate tuition rate and save time by completing part of your master's program before you graduate.


BS Atmospheric Science/MS Secondary Education (Earth Science)

BA Chemistry/MS Secondary Education (Chemistry)

BS Chemistry/MS Secondary Education (Chemistry)

BA English/MS Secondary Education (English)

BA Mathematics/MS Secondary Education (Mathematics)

BS Mathematics/MS Secondary Education (Mathematics)

BA History/MS Secondary Education (Social Studies)

BA Biology/MS Secondary Education (Biology)

BS Biology/MS Secondary Education (Biology)

BS Human Development/MS Special Education and Literacy (II)


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