Nicholas Bell

Nicholas Bell

Assistant Professor
Department of Educational & Counseling Psychology
School of Education


Catskill 233

PhD, University of Delaware

Dr. Nicholas Bell smiling brown hair navy blue suit jacket blue and white striped shirt with tan wallpapered background

Nicholas Bell is assistant professor in the Division of Special Education in the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology. He joined the University at Albany faculty in 2023. Dr. Bell's research focuses on studying education practices and policies and their impact, toward identifying and shaping equitable experiences for students in regular and special education. Currently, he studies: a) the application and extension of QuantCrit in anti-racist research and b) anti-racist special education practices and policies to prevent the overrepresentation of Black, Latinx, and Emerging Bilingual boys and girls in special education and provide students quality, equitable experiences in special education. In his research, he utilizes a variety of research methods, including advanced statistical models (e.g., structural equation modeling), qualitative approaches, and mixed methods.