Graduate Studies

The Dean of The Graduate School, The Graduate School, and the Graduate Academic Council exercise general responsibility for graduate study, admissions and for university-wide policies, procedures, requirements, and standards of graduate study.

However, within this framework, the development, promotion, and operation of individual programs and the advisement and interests of students in them are a primary responsibility of the individual schools and departments which provide the graduate instruction.

General inquiries regarding graduate study and inquiries from international students should be addressed to The Graduate School, 518-442-3980. The office is located in Management Service Center (MSC) 209 and customer services hours can be found on the graduate school site.

Programs of Graduate Study

Note: Enrollment in other than New York State Education Department registered or approved programs may jeopardize eligibility for certain student aid awards. Program titles are followed by HEGIS code numbers in parentheses.

Master of Arts

Master of Business Administration

Master of Fine Arts

Master of Science

Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Health

Master of Regional Planning

Master of Social Work

Master of International Affairs

Advanced Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates

Certificate of Advanced Study

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Public Health

Doctor of Psychology

Inter-Institutional Programs

Capital Area Institutions

The University joins with other universities in the capital area in providing advanced study, particularly at the doctoral level. Through a Council of Presidents and a Committee on Doctoral Programs, the University at Albany, the Albany Law School of Union University, the Albany Medical College of Union University, Union College, Russell Sage College, the College of St. Rose, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed cooperative arrangements to facilitate advanced study and research. The sharing of professors and facilities, including research collections in the libraries, and the cross- registration of graduate students has been effected, and the joint offering of specialized doctoral programs is being developed. Through these arrangements graduate students in any one of the cooperating institutions may avail themselves of courses and facilities in the others. Arrangements are made through the respective graduate schools or offices of the cooperating institutions.

State University of New York Foreign Study Program

To enable graduate students to participate in appropriate foreign study programs of other units of the State University of New York, the Dean of The Graduate School is authorized to approve applying from 18 to 24 credits of study in a State University of New York foreign study program to a graduate degree program at Albany with an associated requirement that the remaining credits be earned in resident graduate study at Albany and that all other academic requirements for a degree (major field examination, foreign language or other tool requirement, etc.) be met at Albany.

State University of New York Graduate Centers

Formally admitted doctoral students in any State University of New York graduate center are authorized to study at Albany without submitting academic credentials and going through the usual admission application procedures provided that (1) the sending institution certifies to a student's good standing, (2) the student has the necessary prerequisites, if any, and (3) the receiving institution has available a place in the class.

The following kinds of courses are excluded unless approved by the Dean of The Graduate School in exceptional cases: graduate research, seminars, advanced research courses, independent study or reading courses, clinical courses, field courses, practicums, supervised student teaching, and internships. Also excluded are sponsored programs and institutes which involve special conditions or qualifications for admissions.