Africana Studies Certificate of Graduate Study

The Graduate Certificate in Africana Studies is designed to give students a familiarity with the essential social, historical, cultural, economic, and political background for studying issues that are central to the Africana experience, and the ability to produce richly contextualized analyses of contemporary race relations in the United States. The learning goals include providing students with the language and critical thinking tools with which to infuse their work, individual field(s) of study, and/or teaching with a fluent and usable framework around issues of race, cultural competency, and racial justice.

Given the continuing significance of race and issues of diversity on campus and in the national discourse, this credential is timely and germane. The certificate can be earned either as a freestanding course of study or in conjunction with master’s or doctoral work in a wide variety of subjects, especially in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts and Architecture, Education, Criminal Justice and Health Sciences.

Requirements (18 credits)

Students must select six courses from the list of classes below:

  • Afs 503 Human Services and the Black Community (3)
  • Afs 505 Seminar in African American History (4)
  • Afs 524 Economic Development in the Black Community (3)
  • Afs 530 Law in the Black Community (3)
  • Afs 531 The Sociology of Segregation (3)
  • Afs 533 Topics in African History (4)
  • Afs 623 Africa in World Politics (3)
  • Afs 690 Seminar in African Diasporic Research: Migration and Citizenship (3)