Certificate of Graduate Study in International Education Management

The Certificate in International Education Management provides early career professionals as well as mid-career administrators a concise, in-depth, coherent understanding of cutting edge issues and recent developments in international education management as embedded within the administration and financing of higher education institutions. Those completing this certificate are able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their jobs, either to comprehensive aspects of the field as a whole or to update knowledge and experience in particular areas. Coursework in the certificate program draws from regular and specialized course offerings in the Department of Educational Policy and Leadership. All courses are applicable and recognized toward the department's masters and doctoral degrees. While the advanced certificate program will be offered fully online, students can earn the certificate by completing on-ground sections of the courses, if also offered.

Program Requirements - 12 credits:

Core Courses - 9 credits:

  • Epl 643 - Introduction to International Education Management (3)
  • Epl 651 - Administration of Institutions of Higher Education (3)
  • Epl 750 - Higher Education Finance (3)

Elective Courses - 3 credits:

  • Epl 758 - Special Topics in International Education Management & Leadership (1); Students will take Epl 758 for three different topics for a total of 3 credits. Topics will vary based on departmental offerings.
  • Other courses as approved by advisor

Please note: This program is not eligible for federal financial aid.