Health Disparities Certificate Program

The Health Disparities Certificate aims to provide an in-depth knowledge of the causes and issues in health disparities as well as strategies for eliminating disparities while improving students’ multicultural competence and leadership skills. The interdisciplinary certificate is offered to individuals working towards or currently in leadership positions in health services, policy, promotion, or provision. This program provides an opportunity for preparedness and enhancement of the capacity to address and influence health disparities in students’ individual communities and service organizations.

The program requires the completion of 12 graduate credits. Students must take four 3-credit graduate courses offered within two of the following Schools of Public Health, Social Welfare or Education. One course on health disparities is required, HHpm 620; the other three courses can be selected from three separate areas: multicultural practice in psychology or social work, community partnerships, and public health leadership. An individual student may substitute one or two of the courses listed below (except the one required course, HHpm 620) by specific authorization from the student’s assigned Certificate advisor.

Required Course:

  • HHpm 620 Health Disparities and Vulnerable Populations (School of Public Health)

Select one of the following courses on multicultural practice:

  • RSsw 746 Cultural Diversity in Social Work Practice* (School of Social Welfare)
  • ECpy 627 Multicultural Perspectives: Counseling Theory and Practice (School of Education)
  • ECpy 750 Multicultural Counseling (School of Education)

Select one of the following courses on community partnerships:

  • RSsw 792 Community Building* (School of Social Welfare)
  • HHpm 535 Community Based Public Health (School of Public Health)

Select one of the following courses on public health leadership:

  • HHpm 571 Public Health Leadership (School of Public Health)
  • RSsw 793 Leadership in Human Service Organizations (School of Social Welfare)

* These courses have prerequisites, which will be waived for students completing the Health Disparities Certificate, as endorsed by the respective Deans of the Schools of Public Health and Social Welfare.

Please Note: This program is eligible for federal financial aid effective Summer 2020 and forward.