2014 Student and Faculty Accomplishments

Students (bold type) and Faculty (italics) Publications and Presentations

Blanco, S., & Friedlander, M. L. (2014, March). Do you see what I see?Therapist recognition and appraisal of intimate partner violence. Poster presented at the Counseling Psychology 2014 conference, Atlanta.

Dillon, F.R., Sheehan, D.M., Babino, R., Melton, J., Spadola, C., Da Silva, N., De La Rosa, M. (December 2014). Recruiting and assessing recently immigrated Latina young adults in health disparities research. Poster presentation at 2014 Minority Health and Health Disparities Grantees' Conference, Washington, DC.

Ellis, M. V. (2014, August). Competency-based clinical supervision: Skills, knowledge, & attitude. Workshop conducted at the University at Buffalo Counseling Services, Buffalo, NY.

Ellis, M. V., Berger, L., Hanus, A., Alaya, E. E., Siembor, M. J., & Swords, B. A. (2014). Inadequate and harmful clinical supervision: Revising the framework and assessing occurrence. The Counseling Psychologist, 42, 434 - 472.

Friedlander, M. L., Austin, C. L., & Cabrera, P. (2014). When psychotherapy is indefinite and there is no final outcome: Case study of a community mental health clinic. Psychotherapy, 51, 580-594.

Friedlander, M. L., Lee, H. H., Shaffer, K. S., & Cabrera, P. (2014). Negotiating therapeutic alliances with a family at impasse: An evidence-based case study. Psychotherapy, 51, 41-52.

Friedlander, M. L., & Shaffer, K. S. (2014). It’s (still) all about the relationship: Relational strategies in clinical supervision. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 49(4), 13-17.

Gasser, C.E. & Shaffer, K. S. (2014). Career development of women in academia: Traversing the leaky pipeline. The Professional Counselor, 4, 332-352.

Hage, S. M., McLaughlin, K. L., & Murray, M. (2014). A social justice approach to primary prevention. In T. P. Gullotta & M. Bloom (Eds.), Encyclopedia of primary prevention and health promotion, Second Edition (pp. 149-162). New York: Springer.

Heatherington, L., Friedlander, M. L., & Diamond, G. M. (2014). Lessons observed, lessons learned: How doing family therapy can affect therapists. Journal of Clinical Psychology: In Session, 70, 760-767.

Heatherington, L., Harrington, N.T., Harrington, J., Neimeyer, K. F., Weinberg, S.C., & Friedlander, M. L. (2014). Applying group cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety disorders in community settings: Retention, outcome, and clinical considerations. Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy, 28, 117-133.

Helmer, D.A., & McAndrew, L.M. (2014, December). Evidence-based management and treatment for veterans with chronic multi-symptom illness. Paper presented at the Veterans Affairs New Jersey Healthcare System.

Ladany, N., & Friedlander, M. L. (2014). Sex and gender in professional psychology and training. In B. Johnson and N. Kaslow, Eds. Oxford handbook of education and training in professional psychology. (pp. 419-436). New York: Oxford University Press.

Lantz, M. M., & Tebbe, E. N. (2014, March). Developing your professional identity through leadership and program involvement. Conducted invited workshop at the 2014 Counseling Psychology Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Lee, H. H., & Friedlander, M. L. (2014). Predicting depressive symptoms from acculturative family distancing: A study of Taiwanese parachute kids in adulthood. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 20, 458-462.

Lent, R.W., Sheu, H-.B., Miller, M. J., Truong, N. N., Penn, L. T., & Cusick, M. E. (2014, August). Meta-analysis of social cognitive model across gender in STEM choices. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Washington, DC.

Martens, M. P., & Martin, J. L. (2014). Substance abuse. In A. G. Papaioannou & D Hackfort (eds.) Routledge companion to sport and exercise psychology (pp. 862-876). New York, NY: Routledge.

McLaughlin, K. L., & Kumar, S. (2014, March). Does multicultural training predict counselors’ sexist attitudes and rape myth acceptance? Poster presented at the annual conference of the Association for Women in Psychology, Columbus, OH.

Pieterse, A., Gale, M., & Kumar, S. (2014, October). Anti-racism training for health care professionals: A training workshop. Workshop presented at the Boston College Diversity Challenge, Boston, MA.

Pieterse, A., Gale, M., & Williams, A. (2014, October). Internalized racial oppression and health-related outcomes: Knowns and unknowns. Paper presented at the Boston College Diversity Challenge, Boston, MA.

Rojas, P.R., Dillon, F.R., Cyrus, E., Ravelo, G.J., Malow, R., & De La Rosa, M.R. (2014). Alcohol use as a determinant of HIV risk behaviors among recent Latino immigrants in South Florida. Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, 25, 135-144.

Sanchez, M., De La Rosa, M., Blackson, T., Sastre, F., Rojas, P., Li, T., & Dillon, F.R. (2014, in press). Pre- to post-immigration alcohol use trajectories among recent Latino immigrants. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.

Sheu, H.-B., Dubovi, A., Gale, M., & Cusick, M.E. (2014, August). Engagement in Health Behavior Scale: Development and initial psychometric evidence. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Washington, DC.

Spadola, C. E., Wagner, E. F., Dillon, F. R., Trepka, M. J., de La Cruz Munoz, N., & Messiah, S. E. (2015). Alcohol and drug use among post-operative bariatric patients: A systematic review of the emerging research and its implications. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

Wright, S., Grant, P., Depner, R., Donnelly, J., & Kerr, C. (2014). Meaning-centered dream work with hospice patients: A pilot study. Palliative and Supportive Care, 13, 1193-1211.

Honors, Awards, Grants, and Professional Leadership

Julien Almonte received the Jack’s Fund Award by the School of Education (2014). She also completed an APA Advanced Training Institute (2014).

Michael Dygert was awarded the Dr. Ralph B. Kenney Endowment Award by the School of Education (2014)

Michael V. Ellis was awarded the Supervision and Training Section, Society of Counseling Psychology Outstanding Publication of the Year Award for his 2014 publication on harmful supervision (see publication list). He also was identified by White and Winstanley (2014) as a key individual/author in the historical development of clinical supervision, specifically as the first among several authors for the proliferation of groundbreaking international clinical supervision publications from 1980 on.

Michael Ellis and Micki Friedlander were both ranked among the top 99 professors in counseling, psychology, and therapy for 2013.

Michael Gale received the Wishnoff Professional Development Fund award by the School of Education (2014).

Jessica Martin became a member of the Editorial Board for Addiction Research & Theory and received the 2014 G. Alan Marlatt Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions by the Society of Addiction Psychology (APA Division 50). She also received funds from the UA Office of the Vice President for Research to support research project entitled “Design and Evaluation of Providing Personalized Feedback on Motives to Reduce Drinking Among College Students: A Pilot Project.” Additionally, she received a Faculty Research Award (FRAP-B) for: “Development and Validation of the Stimulant Motives Measure University at Albany Faculty Research Award Program.”

Katharine Shaffer was awarded the Alice Clark Long award by the School of Education (2014).

Shantel Powell was awarded an Initiatives for Women award to support her dissertation research.