Sigmund Tobias

Sigmund Tobias
Eminent Research Professor
Educational & Counseling Psychology
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Dr. Sigmund Tobias

Sigmund Tobias joined the University at Albany School of Education in 2009 as Eminent Research Professor. He spent most of his career at City College, City University of New York, where he advanced from Assistant Professor to Research Professor. He then was Distinguished Scholar at Fordham University, and Distinguished Research Scientist, Institute for Urban and Minority Education, Teachers College, Columbia University. His work has been in learning from instruction (Tobias, 2009).

He has studied ways to improve student learning by adapting instruction to student characteristics (Tobias, 2010), by understanding the importance of metacognitive monitoring of prior knowledge (Tobias & Everson, 2009), by educational technology generally (Fletcher, Tobias, & Wisher, 2007; Tobias & Fletcher, 2008, 2009; Fletcher & Tobias, 2011), and computer games specifically (Tobias & Fletcher, 2007; 2011; Tobias, Fletcher, & Wind, in press).