Master of Science in Secondary Education

Initial Certificates in Adolescent Education in Grades 7-12

  • English
  • Foreign Languages (French, Spanish)
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics)

To educate exemplary teachers with content expertise and commitment to generative learning, social justice, community, and democracy.

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Guiding Principles:

  • A deep knowledge of subject matter is required for effective teaching
  • Reflective thinking is essential to student and teacher learning
  • Collaboration and collegiality are essential to learning, teaching, and life in a democracy
  • Learning guides teaching
  • Teaching is a moral activity based on an ethic of care
  • Teachers are aware of themselves as members of a world community
  • Teachers are professionals

Students who successfully complete the program as well as pass the appropriate New York State examinations are eligible for NYS certification to teach their major subject.

   Recommended MSSE Program Plan 2017-18 

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MSSE Coursework Sequence and Program Structure:

16 Month, Full-Time Program
(Summer - Academic Year - Fall), 42+ Credits


Summer 1: 6+ Credits



ESPE 562

Characteristics of and Methods for Teaching Exceptional Secondary Students in Inclusive Settings (3)
EPSY 522 Adolescent Development (3)
Required Undergraduate Coursework - See Admission Letter


Fall 1: 12+ Credits


ETAP 638

Media Literacy (3)
ETAP 512 Teachers in Context with/Pre-Practicum (3) 
ETAP 652 Teaching X in the Secondary Schools (3)
** Content Area Course (3-4)


Spring 1: 12 Credits



EPSY 540

Assessment in Education (3)
ETAP 590X Teaching Middle School X: Methods and Guided Field Experience (6)
ETAP 530 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum (3) OR
  ETAP 655 Teaching Composition in Secondary Schools (MSSE English Students) (3)


Summer 2:

*See Footnotes.

Fall 2: 12 Credits:



Teaching High School X: Methods and Guided Field Experience (9)
Content Area Course (3-4)


Additional Program/NYSED Requirements:



School Safety and Intervention Training

Child Abuse Identification Training
Fingerprinting (criminal history check) filed with the Office of Teaching, New York State Education Department





= Content Area Specific

Course can be taken in any semester that the course is offered. Students are strongly discouraged from exceeding 12-13 credits a semester.
MSSE students are required to take a minimum of two content area courses (3-4 credits each). These courses can be taken during any semester.


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Admission Requirements:

  • College transcripts
  • Minimum 36 credit academic background in the content with a grade of B or better in each course
  • Area or the equivalent undergraduate major
  • Minimum 3.0 Grade Point Average overall and in content area
  • Three letters of recommendation, two from academicians in the content area
  • Competitive GRE score 
  • Written statement of goals
  • Two semesters of a world language other than English (minimum of 85% on the NYS Regents Examination in a foreign language)
  • Interview

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Evaluation Forms: