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The Sustainability Minor

Most modern problems are complex. Sustainable solutions to such problems require multidisciplinary approaches. The minor in sustainability creates a curriculum that will help students understand what sustainability is and how it is perceived within various disciplines. Students will take courses that specifically address the environmental, geopolitical or social aspects of sustainability.

Students from any discipline may pursue the Sustainability minor. The requirements for the minor are as follows: Students must complete a minimum of 18 graduation credits (9 of which must be in coursework at or above the 300 level), including at least 3 credits in each of 3 categories:

(i) Natural/Physical Sciences A ENV 105, A BIO 102, A BIO 120, A BIO 222, A ATM 304, A BIO 311, A BIO 327, A BIO 427, A ENV 450, A GOG/A GEO 201.

(ii) Social Sciences/Humanities: A ANT 334, A ANT 414, A ECO 110, A GLO 103, A GOG 344, A GOG 350, A HIS 276, A HIS 277, A HIS 317, A HIS 329, A HIS 407, A WSS 430Z.

(iii) Planning: A ECO 385, A GOG/A USP 125, A GOG/A USP 220, A GOG/A USP 225, A GOG/A USP 430, A PHI 474, A USP 201, A USP 432.

Sustainability Minor Courses

Natural/Physical Sciences

Social Science/Humanities


A BIO 102 General Biological Sciences.

A ECO 110 Principles of Economics I: Microeconomics

A GOG 125 The American City

A ENV 105 Introduction to Environmental Science

A GLO 103 (formerly A CAS 103) Perspectives on Globalization

A USP 201 (formerly A PLN 220) Introductory Urban Planning

A BIO 131 (Formerly 120) Biological Consequences of Global Climate Change.

A HIS 276 Technology and Society in America

A USP 220 Introductory Urban Geography

A GOG 201 Environmental Analysis

A HIS 277 Culture and History of Food in the United States

A USP 225 World Cities: Geographies of Globalization

A BIO 222 Biological Consequences of Global Climate Change

A HIS 317 History of the American City to 1860

A ECO 385 Environmental Economics

A ATM 304 Air Quality and Air Pollution Policy

A HIS 329 American Environmental History

A USP 430 Environmental Planning

A BIO 311World Food Crisis

A ANT 334 The Earliest Cities

A USP 432 Parks, Preservation and Heritage Planning

A BIO 327 Experimental Ecology

A GOG 344Y World Population

A PHI 474 Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy

A BIO 427 Grazing in Terrestrial Ecosystems

A GOG 350 Urban Development in China


A ENV 450 Paleoclimatology

A HIS 407 Readings and Practicum in Digital History and Hypermedia



A ANT 414 Demographic Anthropology



A WSS 430Z Environmental Justice: Racism, Classism, Sexism



Any questions about signing up for the minor may be directed to Dr. David Lewis at [email protected]

Sustainability Minor