General Opportunities

The UAlbany Green Scene is a coalition of various student organizations, as well as faculty and staff groups, which are coordinated by the Office of Sustainability. Learn how you can stay informed and participate in our efforts:

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Students: Sign up for the LiveGreen weekly email to learn about sustainability events, internships and job opportunities.

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Donate to the Sustainability Fund

Your support is crucial in funding actions to build a culture of sustainability and incorporate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our institution. Donations are truly transformational as they go directly to support student programming.

Donate to UAlbany's Sustainability Fund.

Opportunities for Students

Join an Office of Sustainability Affinity Group

The Office of Sustainability has three affinity groups that students can join. Please email [email protected] to learn more and/or to join.

  • Eco-Reps: Play an active role in making change on campus by becoming a sustainability peer educator. Eco-Reps receive specialized training on sustainable practices to create educational material, conduct presentations to student groups and manage our programs throughout the academic year.

  • Zero Waste Advocates: Reducing waste is a top priority on campus. Advocates help to educate others and foster institutional changes to reduce waste.

  • Clean Energy Conservation Corps: Students are trained each fall to apply energy conservation and weatherization skills in their homes or apartments.

Opportunities for Faculty & Staff

Take the Green Workspace Challenge


The Green Workspace Challenge is a self-reporting framework for faculty and staff to make their workplaces more sustainable while gaining recognition for their progress. The challenge is designed to engage the full spectrum of offices on campus. Complete the Green Workspace Challenge Interest Form to get started.


Join the Office Composting Program

The Office of Sustainability has established an office composting program, allowing faculty and staff to voluntarily take part in composting food waste at work. The compost program runs when classes are in session.

Composting is a natural, inexpensive way to decrease the amount of waste UAlbany sends to the landfill. Although food scraps will break down in an airtight landfill, the anaerobic process creates a methane byproduct, a potent greenhouse gas. By composting food scraps, your office can serve as a model for students and fellow staff members for environmentally responsible practices.

The Office of Sustainability offers kitchen-sized compost pails for offices upon request. Please email [email protected] to learn more and/or to request a pail.

Become a Sustainability Coordinator

Sustainability Coordinators work with the Office of Sustainability on campus initiatives. Coordinators meet monthly during the academic year to discuss University-wide sustainability programs and give feedback to the director.

Please email [email protected] to learn more about and/or to become a Sustainability Coordinator.

Current Sustainability Coordinators

  • Zakhar Berkovich, Director of Undergraduate Student Services, Rockefeller College
  • Bridget Collins, Administrative Manager, Office of Emergency Management
  • Lynne Greabell, Professional Development Coordinator, School of Public Health
  • Kristen Hamel, Budget Analyst, Office of Financial Management & Budget
  • Kevon Hanley, Residence Director, Residential Life
  • Maggie Hartley, Senior Managing Editor, Office of Marketing & Communications
  • Irina Holden, Information Literacy and Science Outreach Librarian, University Libraries
  • Rose Honold, Residence Director, Residential Life
  • Indu Lnu, Energy Officer, Facilities Management
  • Anika Lamia, Residence Director, Residential Life
  • Elisa López, University Research Awards & Information Coordinator, Division for Research & Economic Development
  • Owen McGuire, Residence Director, Residential Life
  • Jillian Mertzluff, Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness, Recreation & Wellness
  • Meghan Popcun, Assistant Director of Operations, New Student Programming
  • Olivia Pounds, Staff Assistant, Dean's Office School of Education Dean's Office
  • Marie Rabideau, Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office
  • Gary Ribis, Occupational Safety Specialist, Office of Environmental Health & Safety
  • Azeeza Saafir, Residence Director, Residential Life
  • Dan Townsend, Assistant Director Facilities and Operations, Residential Life
Become a Sustainability Ambassador

Sustainability Ambassador serve in the social diffusion network for campus. Ambassadors disseminate information about, and encourage other to participate in, sustainability events and initiatives.

Please email [email protected] to learn more about and/or to become a Sustainability Ambassador.

Current Sustainability Ambassadors

  • Cassie Andrusz-Ho Ching, Academic Advisor, Academic Advising
  • Yunlong Feng, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Emily Feuer, Chief of Staff, Office of the Vice President of Finance and Administration
  • Ron Friedman, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Chris Gebhardt, Pre-Law Advising Coordinator, Academic Advising
  • Brian Greenhill, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Sarah Hacker, Donor Relations Staff Assistant, Stewardship
  • Bianca Hedges, Administrative Manager, Department of English
  • Kristen Hessler, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
  • Jenny Horn, Assistant Director, Community and Public Service Program
  • Rixiang Huang, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental and Sustainable Engineering
  • Mary Hunt, Director of Public Engagement, Office of Public Engagement
  • Don Keenan, Copy Cataloger/Mono and Video, University Libraries
  • Aleksandra Kovacheva, Assistant Professor, Massry School of Business
  • Peter Kwon, Assistant Professor, Department of East Asian Studies
  • Susan Lasch, Office Assistant, Parking & Mass Transit Service
  • Brett Levy, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Theory and Practice
  • Cecilia Levy, Associate Professor, Department of Physics
  • Michael Lister, Lecturer, Department of Music and Theatre
  • Alyssa Lotmore, Assistant to the Dean, School of Social Welfare
  • Linda Mertz, Senior Staff Assistant, School of Social Welfare
  • Rachel Moody, Director of International Academic Partnerships, Center for International Education & Global Strategy
  • Jessica Moran, Senior Staff Assistant, College of Arts & Sciences Technical Services
  • Sujata Murty, Assistant Professor, Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
  • Deana Myers, Senior Solutions Specialist, Information Technology Services
  • Cynthia Najdowski, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Kristie Saddler, Associate Professor, School of Education
  • Cheryl Simmons, Assistant Director, Center for Leadership and Service
  • Barbara Sutton, Associate Professor, Department of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Holly Van Allen, Project Manager, Information Technology Services
  • Bill Wales, Professor, Massry School of Business
  • Hillary Wiener, Assistant Professor, Massry School of Business
  • Sarah Wolanin, Assistant Director of Membership and Marketing, Recreation & Wellness
  • Sara Zahler, Assistant Professor, Department of Languages, Literature and Culture


Green Scene Events Calendar

Visit the University Events Calendar for additional events and programming.