Aaron Benavot

    Office: ED 322
    Tel: (518) 442-5299
Dr. Aaron Benavot (Ph.D., Stanford University)  Dr. Benavot’s interests focus on comparative education research, global education policy, and the interplay between education and sustainable development. His scholarship critically examines the changing contours of primary and secondary education, and the spread of national and international assessments (albany.academia.edu/AaronBenavot). Dr. Benavot recently directed the Global Education Monitoring Report (UNESCO, Paris), which monitors progress towards global targets in education, and produces independent research and analysis to support evidenced-based policy making. In 2007 Benavot was elected to the CIES Board of Directors and later served as coeditor of Comparative Education Review and then CIES Secretary. He currently serves on the advisory boards of several comparative education journals.