Daniel C. Levy

Daniel C. Levy

Distinguished Professor
Department of Educational Policy & Leadership
School of Education


Catskill 315

PhD, Political Science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Daniel C. Levy

Dr. Daniel Levy is Distinguished Professor, SUNY. In addition to his university position in Educational Policy & Leadership, Levy is the founder and director of PROPHE (Program for Research on Private Higher Education), a global scholarly network. He is lead general editor for PROPHE’s book series on global private higher education (Routledge). Levy's eight books and over one-hundred articles range across higher education policy, related non-profit sectors, and Latin American politics. His Building the Third Sector received the best book prize in nonprofit studies (1997) and Levy has received long-term and lifetime awards from the leading scholarly association of  higher education studies and comparative education studies, respectively. Levy has lectured at most very top-ranked U.S. universities and in six continents. A frequent consultant for leading international agencies, he co-authored the Inter-American Development Bank’s first ever policy paper on higher education. Forthcoming soon is Levy's most global book, A World of Private Higher Education.