MA in International Education Management and Leadership

The Master of Arts in International Education Management and Leadership is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective managers and leaders in the international education field. Aspiring and early career professionals as well as mid-career administrators will gain a focused, in-depth, and coherent understanding of cutting edge issues and recent developments in international education management as embedded within the administration, leadership, data analytics, risk management, financing, and student support functions of higher education institutions and other international education organizations. Through a combination of scholarly and applied learning experiences, graduates of the program are prepared to be data-driven leaders in the international education management field. Those completing this M.A. degree will be able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their jobs, either to comprehend aspects of the field as a whole or to update knowledge and experience in particular areas.

Program Requirements - 30 credits:

Core Courses - three courses (9 credits)

E Aps 643 - Introduction to International Educational Management (3)
E Aps 651 - Administration of Institutions of Higher Education (3)
E Aps 750 - Higher Education Finance (3)

Specialization Courses - three courses (9 credits)

E Aps 644 - Educational Entrepreneurship (3)
E Aps 645 - Student Services in International Education (3)
E Aps 646 - Cross Border Higher Education (3)
E Aps 667 - Seminar on Global Politics of Educational Quality (3)

Data Analytics Course - one course (3 credits)

E Aps 614 - Quantitative Methods in Educational Leadership (3)
E Aps 662 - Survey Research Methods (3)

Electives - two courses (6 credits)

Any untaken Specialization Course
E Aps 666 - Comparative Education (3)
E Aps 659 - Assessment and Accountability in Higher Education (3)
E Aps 609 - Leadership for Cradle to Career Education Systems (3)
E Aps 895 - Internship (3)

Capstone Course - one course (3 credits)

E Aps 680 - Seminar in Education Policy and Leadership (3)

Please note: This program offers an internship, field experience, study abroad component, or clinical experience in the course listing as an option to fulfill course requirements. Students who have previously been convicted of a felony are advised that their prior criminal history may impede their ability to complete the requirements of certain academic programs and/or to meet licensure requirements for certain professions. If you have concerns about this matter please contact the Dean’s Office of your intended academic program.