Leadership Minor

Expand your knowledge of leadership and how to be a leader

The 18 credit minor in Leadership is designed for students interested in becoming a leader in any field. The minor combines both theory and practice allowing for a holistic approach to learning about organizational leadership.

Student Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

1) Understand the basic forms, definitions and functions of “leadership.”
2) Discern among different types of leaders and leadership in both theory and practice.
3) Compare and contrast different leadership theories.
4) Identify and utilize sources of leadership research.
5) Apply critical thinking to leadership theories and practice and critically examine leaders and  organizations.
6) Identify the role of leaders in the organizational environment.
7) Identify their own leadership style/characteristics and apply knowledge attained to improve their skills as a leader.
8) Better identify sources of conflict and devise means for working with conflict.

Co-Curricular Experiences

In addition to the minor, the University at Albany offers a range of co-curricular leadership development experiences. Students are encouraged to explore these at the Center for Leadership & Service, which partners with the School of Education's Department of Educational Policy & Leadership in offering the leadership minor.

Course Requirements

Official course requirements are subject to change and can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Declaring the Leadership Minor

To declare the leadership minor as part of your program of study, please contact the University’s Advisement Services Center.


Advising for the minor can be completed via your advisor at the University’s Advisement Services Center. Each semester the Department of Educational Policy & Leadership will also host an information and special advising session for all declared leadership minors.

For more information about the minor, students can also contact Dr. Gina Giuliano, Director of Advising for the Department of Educational Policy & Leadership at [email protected].