Student CARE Services

Attending the University at Albany is an exciting time for students.  It is an experience that can include making lifelong friends, engaging in intellectual pursuits, and participating in the both the campus and the local Albany communities.  It is a time of self-awareness and growth into an adult identity.  It can also be a time of great stress. University students often struggle with personal and health-related issues.  If these issue begin to interfere with academic and personal success, Student CARE Services can help!

For Immediate Release: In early May, the NYS Legislature passed legislation to extend the eviction moratorium due to COVID-related financial challenges until August 31st. This legislation REQUIRES that tenants present the attached form to their Landlord or the Courts, attesting to their inability to pay due to COVID-related financial crisis.


We coordinate all the different services a struggling student may need, based on an individualized Success Plan developed with the student and the multi-disciplinary Student CARE Team.


We advocate for students and teach them self-advocacy skills that will assist them both in the academic setting and the outside world.


We respond and reach out to students who come to our attention via concerned faculty, staff, parents, friends, fellow students or to the student’s own request for assistance.


We empower students by supporting them through their difficulties and teaching them the skills required to identify goals and needs and to access the resources required to meet them.  We empower the campus community toward a culture of care and concern by encouraging all members to reach out and let us know of students in need (Submit a Report).