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University Police Department Reporting Forms

In an emergency situation, immediately contact the University Police Department at 911 or 518-442-3131 and via any Emergency Blue Light Phone on campus. Please do not use these forms if you need immediate assistance as they are not intended for use in an emergency.

Note: If you are denied access to the form, please refresh the page.


To Report Suspicious Activity

If you see something that does not seem right to you "say something" to UPD. Please call our dispatch center at 518-442-3131, or use the chat function in RAVE Guardian, or send an email to [email protected]. If you want to remain anonymous, please use the reporting form below.


Anonymous Incident Reporting Form

Need to report a crime or other incident? Please use the Anonymous Incident Reporting Form to report a crime or incident to the University Police Department. ID information is kept confidential and private by the University at Albany to the extent allowed by law.


Concerned for a Student?

If you’re concerned about a UAlbany student, file a CARE Report with the Office of the Dean of Students. 

Expressing concern soon after an issue or incident can help with early intervention and success. 


Bias Incident Reporting Form

We encourage any campus community member who experiences or witnesses a bias act or hate crime to report this incident by using the Bias Incident Reporting Form.


Title IX Reporting Forms

The Title IX Reporting Forms are for reporting an incident(s) of Hazing, Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination, and any other incident/concern.


COVID-19 Complaint Form

The University has created a COVID-19 Complaint Form that allows any community member to submit a formal complaint against someone on campus who is not following the University’s Health & Safety expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Background Report Request Form

The Background Report Request Form is intended only for Law enforcement records checks only, any requests for school records would need to contact the Bursar’s Office at 518-442-3202 or [email protected].

Note: A signed release of information waiver must be included with all requests by fax at 518-442-3399.


University Police Department Feedback Form

Community feedback is essential to our community police model and can be made by submitting the University Police Department Feedback Form. In addition, you can provide feedback in-person, by phone or email or please print and fill out a handwritten feedback form and return to the following address:

University at Albany Police Department

Justice Drive

1400 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12222

Please refer to how to report a complaint for more information on reporting a complaint and the investigation process.

UPD patrol car in front of police department building