Purple Threads

What is Purple Threads?

Purple Threads is a professional closet offering free professional clothing to current UAlbany students. Students are asked to show their ID at the entrance and are allowed to choose three pieces of clothing per semester.

Purple Threads is closed for Summer 2024 and will reopen for Fall 2024. We are located in Campus Center, Room 323, on the west side of the building's third floor.

Students can also arrange an appointment, if necessary, by emailing Purple Threads Coordinator Violette Davenport at [email protected].


A clothing rack loaded with suits and other professional clothing is positioned inside an atrium.


How can I donate to Purple Threads?

We are accepting donations by appointment during our Fall 2023 hours (see above). Please email Purple Threads Coordinator Violette Davenport at [email protected] to schedule a donation appointment.

Items will be reviewed by staff to ensure they are appropriate. Only clean, gently used professional clothing without stains and tears will be accepted.



Please email Purple Threads Coordinator Violette Davenport at [email protected].