First Gen Scholars

What is the First Gen Scholars initiative?

A purple circle that reads, "I am first gen." The UAlbany logo is positioned below the words.

The First Gen Scholars initiative supports first generation students from the time they enroll at UAlbany through their graduation. A first generation student is someone whose parents/guardians do not have an associates degree (a two-year college degree) or another higher degree.

At UAlbany, First Gen Scholars find the support they need for their specific situation. We help empower students to achieve their academic and personal goals by offering comprehensive programs, services and resources.

Whether you need skills coaching, academic advice, major or career exploration, and/or social and personal support, we are here. Request a mentor today.


We want to hear your story!

The First-Gen Forward Instition logo from the Center for First-Generation Student Success

Tag @ualbany and use the hashtag #UAlbanyFirstGen on social media to share your story as a first generation student at UAlbany.

In recognition of its work recruiting, supporting and graduating first generation students, UAlbany has been designated a 2022-2023 First-gen Forward institution.


First Gen Scholars Task Force

The First Gen Scholars Task Force develops and promotes strategies to advance first-generation students' success. Our task force members include:

  • Holly Barker-Flynn, Director of Orientation and New Student Programs

  • Monica Britton, Alumni Association Board of Directors member

  • Zachary Desjardins, Academic Advisor

  • Jennifer Horn, Assistant Director of the Community and Public Service Program (CPSP)

  • D. Ekow King, Director of Intercultural Student Engagement and Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs

  • Linda Krzykowski, Associate Vice Provost for Student Engagement and Executive Director of the First Year Experience

  • Margaret E. McCarthy, Alumni Relations

  • Clarence L. McNeill, Dean of Students

  • Sara S. Richburg, Immediate Chair of the Student Affairs Advisory Board, Alumni Association Board of Directors member, and Alumni Representative for the First Gen Task Force

  • Charles Rogers, Associate Dean of Students