Merit Pages: Celebrating Student Accomplishments

Merit is a unified platform that allows UAlbany to celebrate student accomplishments in and out of the classroom. Used by more than 300 colleges and universities in the United States, Merit highlights achievements such as making the Dean’s List, presenting research at a conference, volunteering in the community, participating in a club or activity and many more.

UAlbany’s Merit platform then connects those achievements back to targeted audiences, including students, parents and family, local media, high schools and elected officials.  

Merit also provides each student with an individual “Merit page” that documents these achievements. Students can personalize their pages to include photos, videos, school clubs and other information to help build a resume for future career success. Through the Merit network, students also can share news about their achievements with friends and family through Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn and other social media platforms.


A student wearing a graduation mortar board smiles and holds up an honors medallion.

How Merit Works

When students win awards and honors or participate in campus events and activities, the University compiles a list of students and prepares a short story about the event or accomplishment.

A personalized article is published to the Merit platform and sent to local newspapers, elected officials, high school guidance counselors and other audiences, with the name and hometown of each student involved.

Students receive an email to their UAlbany accounts with a link to view their story and post to social media to share with friends and family. Parents also receive an email of their student’s achievement, allowing them to share the news on their social media channels.

Students can customize their Merit pages by adding photos, video, a biography, internship or study abroad experience, and/or participation in student clubs and organizations. 

Students and parents can email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.


Student Benefits

Merit creates a positive, UAlbany-verified student profile, which can serve as a resume highlighting academic honors, volunteer activities, internships and other achievements from the first day on campus through graduation.

Merit pages can help students on their career pathways by showcasing their achievements to perspective employers or graduate schools. 

Enhancing Your Merit Page

Students are not obligated to update or maintain their Merit page. The pages are created and updated automatically by UAlbany. Students have the option to enhance their pages as they see fit, including adding a profile photo, a biography, jobs, internships or study abroad experience.  

Students can also add photos and videos to the activities on their Merit pages to further showcase their involvement. 

Merit & Career Development

Merit pages show how student achievements and involvement at UAlbany has enhanced their development, providing valuable information that is attractive to employers. Merit page profiles connect what students do in the classroom to the exceptional career-building opportunities students gain while on campus, conducting research, performing an internship or studying abroad.

When students and parents share Merit achievements with their social networks, it helps tell the story of success and opportunities at UAlbany, further enhancing the value of a University at Albany education. 

Opting Out of Merit Pages

Some students may wish to keep their accomplishments private. Opting out of Merit is easy and not only removes a student’s page from, but also prevents UAlbany or other participating Merit organizations from being able to publish achievements about that student in the future.  

To opt out, click the “opt out” button on your Merit Page or click the “opt out” button at the bottom of the welcome email you receive. If you decide to opt out later, you can click “my account,” “privacy” and then “opt out,” or can contact Merit to be removed. You can also email your request to [email protected]

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