Degrees, Certificates, & Minor

Degrees, Certificates, & Minor
Each of the EPL degree and certificate programs is designed to prepare students to be scholars, policy makers and 21st century leaders, who are globally connected and locally engaged. The following are descriptions of the programs offered by the EPL Department. Additional information about each program can be found by clicking on the hyperlink in the program title.

While most of our programs are at the graduate level, we have a growing number of undergraduate courses and a new 18-credit minor in leadership open to any undergraduate student at the University at Albany.

Students may also participate in some of our courses as non-degree as a means to advance their professional development or explore whether EPL is a good fit academically.

PhD in Educational Policy & Leadership
The Ph.D. in Educational Policy & Leadership provides students with a research-based foundation to prepare them to be scholars, scholar-leaders, scholar-policy analysts and makers. Students are exposed to a range of scholarly, policy, and leadership courses and are required to complete a dissertation that advances knowledge about a critical issue confronting education. Concentrations include school leadership, higher education, education policy, and global comparative education policy.

MS in Educational Policy & Leadership
The M.S. in Educational Policy & Leadership prepares students for careers in educational leadership and policy analysis as well as providing a solid foundation for pursuing doctoral work in the field. The degree is grounded on social analysis, organizational theory, and data-driven decision making and provides students with the opportunities to learn about education policy and leadership across the cradle-to-career spectrum as well as in both local and global settings. Concentrations include school leadership, education policy, and global comparative education policy.

MS in Higher Education
The Master of Science in Higher Education, a 36-credit graduate program, prepares aspiring, early-career, and mid-career higher education practitioners with the knowledge and skills to take on leadership roles in colleges and universities as well as governmental, non-governmental, and non-profit organizations that shape the policy contexts in which higher education operates. Students are exposed to a comprehensive curriculum that prepares them through an academic experience guided by a global vision of higher education, rigorous inquiry, and transformative practice.

You can read more about the Higher Education program in our brochure.

School Leadership Certification
There are three AGC programs, leading respectively to degrees in School Building Leader (SBL), School District Leader (SDL), and School District Business Leader (SDBL). Through a set of carefully designed and integrated courses and learning experiences, the AGC programs enable students to acquire the knowledge and capacities to perform effectively as school leaders. The programs are open only to students who seek New York State certification for school leadership in each area. They have been approved by the New York State Education Department for this purpose.

Certificate of Graduate Study (CGS) in International Education Management
The Certificate of Graduate Study in International Education Management is a 9-credit (three course), online graduate credential that provides early career professionals as well as mid-career administrators a concise, in-depth, coherent understanding of cutting edge issues and recent developments in international education management, as embedded within the administration and financing of higher education institutions. Those completing this graduate certificate are able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their jobs, either to comprehend aspects of the field as a whole or to update knowledge and experience in particular areas. Prospective students may work for schools, college and universities, private education providers, government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), allied private-sector education companies, or other education-related organizations.

You can read more about the International Education Management program in our brochure.

Minor in Leadership (undergraduate)
The 18 credit minor in Leadership is designed for students interested in becoming a leader in any field. The minor combines both theory and practice allowing for a holistic approach to learning about organizational leadership.


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