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The Facilitative Way, Leadership That Makes the Difference
Priscilla Wilson, Kathleen Harnish, Joel Wright
TeamTech Press, 2003. ISBN: 0-9729764-0-X

The Tao of Leadership: Leadership Strategies for a New Age by John Heider Bantam Books, New York, Toronto, London, Sydney

Facilitation... From Discussion to Decision, A.L. Zimmerman & C.J. Evans Nichols Publishing, East Brunswick, N.J., 1993 Mail

orders are taken at Interax Corporation 800-560-4ITX

Intuition Workout - a practical guide to discovering and developing your inner knowing by Nancy Rosanoff 1991 Aslan Publishers $11.00.

How to Make Meetings Work, Michael Doyle and David Straus, Berkley Pub Group, 1993, ISBN: 0425138704

Winning Through Participation: Meeting the Challenge of Corporate Change with the Technology of Participation. Spencer, Laura,(Dubuque, Iowa, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co., 1989) 183 p.; paperback. ISBN 0-8403-5373-1

The Skilled Facilitator: Practical Wisdom for Developing Effective Groups. Schwarz, Roger M., (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1994), 314 pp.; hardbound.

Art of Facilitation. Dale Hunter. ISBN 155561101X FISH 04/01/1995

Facilitating Community and Decision-Making Groups. Moore, Allen B. and Feldt, James A. (1993). Malabar FL: Krieger.

Focus Groups. Richard Krueger, 1994, ISBN 0-8039-5567-7.

The Focus Group, Rev. Ed. Jane Farley Templeton, Irwin Professional Publishing, 1994 ISBN 1-55738-530-0

Facilitation: Providing Opportunities for Learning 09/1994 McGraw-Hill, Incorporated Trevor Bentley. ISBN 0-07-707684-2 LCCN: 93-031420 $24.95

From Managing to Empowering: An Action Guide to Developing Winning Facilitation Skills 01/1994 Quality Resources Scott B. Parry. ISBN 0-527-76232-6 $19.95

Graffiti Wannabes: My how you talk about change in the work place. Anthony Crawford  1994. Crawford Explaination Series, Canada (call 905-845-3844 to orderISBN: 0-9698952-0-8
,br> Group Facilitation Handbook. 06/1994 Positive Support Seminars Bertie Ryan Synowiec and Carla Chenoweth. ISBN 1-885335-05-9 50p. $19.95

Innovations in Group Facilitation Techniques: Case Studies of Applications in Naturalistic Settings 03/1994 Hampton Press, Incorporated Lawrence R. Frey.Edited by Gary Kreps. Hardcover: ISBN 1-881303-25-X 400p. $69.50 Paperback: ISBN 1-881303-26-8 400p. $27.50

Facilitation Skills for Team Leaders  06/1993 Crisp Publications,Incorporated Charles L. Martin, Donald Hackett. Edited by Philip Gerould. ISBN 1-56052-199-6 90p. $9.95

Facilitation: From Discussion to Decision. 08/1993 Nichols Publishing Company Anita Zimmerman and Carol Evans. ISBN 0-89397-419-6 200p  $43.95

Faultless Facilitation Instructor's Guide  01/1993 Human Resource Development Press Lois B. Hart  Ringbound ISBN 0-87425-208-3 200p.

Group Facilitation: Theories & Models for Practice. 04/1993 Nichols Publishing Company John Heron. ISBN 0-89397-385-8 192p. $48.00

A Practical Guide to Facilitation 08/1993 Nichols Publishing Company P. Clements and T. Spinks. ISBN 0-7494-1003-5 (Kogan Page UK) 192p.

The Facilitator Handbook  1993 Q C I International Donald L. Dewar. ISBN 0-937670-03-0 700p  $74.00

The Facilitators' Handbook John Heron 1989 Kogan Page: John Heron

How to Make Meetings Work Michael Dolye and David Strauss New York: The Berkley Publishing Group 1976

A Facilitator's Guide for "Diversity & Sensitivity in the Workplace 06/1993 Gamma Vision, Incorporated Gamma Vision, Inc. Staff. ISBN 1-884031-01-3 51p. $15.00

A Facilitator's Guide for "Thinking in the Future Tense". 06/1993 Gamma Vision, Incorporated Gamma Vision, Inc. Staff. ISBN 1-884031-00-5 47p  $15.00

A Facilitator's Guide for "Understanding Change & Risk". 06/1993 Gamma Vision, Incorporated Gamma Vision, Inc. Staff. ISBN 1-884031-02-1 41p  $15.00

Facilitator's Guide to Drawing Out Feelings. 09/1993 Woodland Press Marge Heegaard.ISBN 0-9620502-5-3 $20.00

Facilitator's Training Manual: A Primer: The Bash Approach  1989 2nd ed  Bash, Incorporated Felix E. Larocca. Foreword by Kenneth Rockwell illus  Coll. ISBN 0-317-93544-5 $7.50

Energetic Meetings: Enhancing Personal & Group Energy & Handling Difficult Behavior  10/1994 Jemel Publishing House ISBN 1-885893-00-0 134p  $ 11.00

The One-Stop Guide to Workshops Marily Manning and Helen L. Rietz Burr Ridge, IL and New York: IRWIN, Professional Publishing, 1994

Flip Charts: How to Draw Them and How to Use Them, Written and illustrated by Richard C. Brandt, Pfeiffer & Company ISBN 0-88390-031-9

VanGundy, Arthur B. Jr. (1988)  Techniques of Structured Problem Solving. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold.

IT by Moose, Moose McMillen, ISBN:0-9699081-5 Price: $28.50 Cdn (Approx $21.50 US) + S&H + Applicable taxes

Golden Groundrules, by Mirja Hanson, Meeting Needs 5510 Edgewater Boulevard, Minneapolis MN 55417 (612) 827-3001

The Age of Heretics Heroes, Outlaws, and the Forerunners of Corporate Change by Art Kleiner 1996: Doubleday/Currency ISBN: 0-385-41576-1 More info at WWW:

Make Your Meetings Count by Durward Humes Published by Kendall/Hunt (1-800-228-0810) $26.95 plus s/h.


Advancing Business Concepts in a JAD Workshop Setting: Business Engineering and Process Redesign 11/1993 Prentice Hall Anthony Crawford. Yourdon Press Computing Ser. ISBN 0-13-146226-1 LCCN: 93-029395 $40.00

JAD, Joint Application Design: The Group Session Approach to System Approach  09/1990 Prentice Hall Judy August. Ringbound ISBN 0-13-508235-8 $46.00

Joint Application Design: How to Design Quality Systems Using JAD. 07/1989 John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated Jane Wood and Denise Silver.ISBN 0-471-50462-9 LCCN: 08-932006 350p  $55.00

Data Modeling Made Easy by Gary Rush, 1995 Self Published. Strategic Planning and Organizational Design by Gary Rush, 2005, Self Published. The Collaborative Society by Gary Rush, 2007, Self Published. Call Gary Rush at 773-330-2064 for prices and to place an order.

Contextual Design - Defining Customer-Centered Systems, Hugh Beyer and Karen Holtzblatt, 1998, Morgan Kaufman Publishers, San Francisco, ISBN 1-55860-411-1 (pbk), About $45US [Ramon L. Tate <>]


Asking "Just Right" Business Questions: A Proven Process for Developing Leaders & Organizations  10/1994 Graham Page, The Curtis W. Page and Charles J. Selden. Hardcover: ISBN 1-885207-00-X Revised 200p. $21.95 Paperback: ISBN 1-885207-01-8 Revised 200p. $14.95

Development & Effectiveness: Strategies for IS Organizational Transition. 03/1994 John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated Vaughan Merlyn, John Parkinson, Bob Phillips and Roy Youngman.(Ernst & Young Information Mangement Ser.) ISBN 0-471-58954-3 LCCN: 93-006045 300p. $45.00

The Dynamics of Organizational Levels: A Change Framework for Managers & Consultants  01/1994 Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Incorporated Nicholas Rashford and David Coghlan. ISBN 0-201-54323-0 120p  $26.95

Organization Development & Transformation: Managing Effective Change 01/1994 4th ed Richard D. Irwin Incorporated Edited by Wendell L. French, Cecil H. Bell Jr. and Robert A. Zawacki. ISBN 0-256-10339-9 LCCN: 93-038865 624p. $43.95

Organizational Development & Change  01/1993 5th ed  West Publishing Company, College & School Division Thomas Cummings, Christopher Worley. Edited by Fenton. ISBN 0-314-01253-2 LCCN: 92-041858 600p. $60.25

Managing Change: A Strategic Approach to Organizational Development & Renewal  08/1992 Trans-Atlantic Publications, Incorporated Bernard Burnes. ISBN 0-273-03376-X $47.50

An Experiential Approach to Organizational Development. 11/1991 4th ed  Prentice Hall Donald F. Harvey and Donald E. Brown. ISBN 0-13-296823-1 608p  $34.67

Becoming an OD Practitioner Eric H. Neilsen 1984 Englewood Cliffs Prentice-Hall

Transforming Work, John D. Adams, Gen. Ed. ISBN:0917917-00-6. Miles River Press, Alexandria, VA. $21.95  278 pages. 2nd printing, 1994

Transforming Leadership: From Vision to Results, John D. Adams, Gen. Ed  ISBN: 0917919-02-2 Miles River Press, Alexandria, VA. $25.95. 314 pages  4th printing, 1994.

Organization Development: Behavioral Science Interventions for Organization Improvement" by Wendell l. French & Cecil H. Bell, Jr., Prentice-Hall, 1973, ISBN #0-13-641654-3 and,

Feedback and Organization Development: Using Data-Based Methods" by David A. Nadler, Addison-Wesley, 1977, ISBN #0-201-05006-4.

Wellsprings of Knowledge by Dorothy Leonard Barton  Harvard Business School Press, (617-495-6117)1996  267 pages, $29.95

Management of the Absurd by Richard Farson. 1996, Prentice Hall, 174 pages, $22.95


The Success Paradigm: Creating Organizational Effectiveness Through Quality & Strategy  08/1995 Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated Michael E. Friesen and James A. Johnson. ISBN 0-89930-836-8 (Quorum Books)

Beyond Leadership: Managing in the New Paradigm  11/1994 Blackwell Publishers Warren Bennis. ISBN 1-55786-647-3 288p. $19.19

Customer-Driven Project Management: A New Paradigm in Managing Total Quality Implementation  01/1994 McGraw-Hill $53.00

On Creating a Community: A Guide for Organizations, Personal Productivity & International Peace  Quantum Publications William Polowniak. ISBN 0-9639142-0-0 04/1994 296p. $14.95


The TQM Trilogy: Using ISO 9000, The Deming Prize and The Baldridge Award to establish a System for Total Quality Management Francis X. Mahoney/Carl G. Thor 0-8144-5105-5 $32.95

Beyond Total Quality Management: Toward the Emerging Paradigm. 12/1993 McGraw-Hill, Incorporated Greg Bounds. ISBN 0-07-006678-7 $ 35.96

Customer-Driven Project Management: A New Paradigm in Managing Total Quality Implementation  01/1994 McGraw-Hill $53.00

The TQM Paradigm: Key Ideas That Make It Work  02/1995 Productivity Press, Incorporated Derm Barrett. ISBN 1-56327-073-0 51p. $15.95

Total Quality in Organizational Development  1994 Saint Lucie Press Lindsay and Petrick.ISBN 1-884015-35-2 300p. $39.95

Implementing TQM: Competing in the Nineties Through Total Quality Management 2nd ed  Joseph R. Jablonski. 04/1994 ISBN 1-878821-03-2 Technical Management Consortium 224p.

Information Service Excellence Through TQM: Building Partnerships for Business Process Reengineering & Continuous Improvement. 03/1994 A S Q C Quality Press Timothy Braithwaite. ISBN 0-87389-271-2 145p. $24.95


MENDING THE CRACKS IN THE IVORY TOWER: Strategies for Conflict Management in Higher Education, Susan A Holton, Editor, $35.95 ($4.00 s/h) * cloth * 288 pp * 1998 * 1-882982-21-5 from Anker Publishing Company, Inc. c/o Publishers Business Services, P. O. Box 390, Jaffrey, NH 03452-0390 Ph/fax: (603) 532-7454 [Dr. Susan A Holton, <>]

Mediation and Facilitation Training Manual: Foundations and Skills for Constructive Conflict Transformation, from the Mennonite Conciliation Service, (Akron, PA: Mennonite Central Committee, 1995) 

This is a comprehensive 300+ page manual that draws on the accumulated experiences of a number of Mennonite practitioners in dealing with conflicts in churches and community settings and has substantial sections on group facilitation, decisionmaking, and conflict intervention  Widely used by a variety of practitioners, it does not "prescribe" or set guidelines, rather it is a storehouse of practical ideas, techniques, handouts, and many bibliographic suggestions. Cost is $28 ppd, from Mennonite Conciliation Service, Box M, Akron PA 17801.Phone 717-859-1151. (Ronald S. Kraybill <>)

The Promise of Mediation:  Responding to Conflict Through Empowerment and Recognition. Bush, Robert A. Baruch, and Folger, Joseph P., (San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass, 1994), 272 pp.; $29.95

Environmental Dispute Resolution Bacow, L. and Wheeler, M  1984 New York:  Plenum Press. (Lance Robinson <>)

Resolving Environmental Disputes: A Decade of Experience. Bingham, G  1986. Washington, D.C.:  Conservation Foundation. (Lance Robinson <>)

The Promise of Mediation  Bush, Robert A. Baruch and Folger,Joseph P  1994 San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.   296 pp. (Lance Robinson <>)

Managing Public Disputes: A Practical Guide to Handling Conflict and Reaching Agreement  Carpenter, S.L  and Kennedy, W.J.D.1988.   San Francisco:Jossey-Bass. (Lance Robinson <>)

Negotiating Public Policy Issues. Collins, R. and Dotson, B. 1986. Washington, D.C.: National Institute for Dispute Resolution.

Building Consensus for a Sustainable Future:  Putting Principles into Practice.   Cormick, Gerald; Dale, Norman;   Emond, Paul; Sigurdson, S. Glenn; Stuart, Barry D  1996.   135 pp  ISBN 1-895643-29-5.

Designing Conflict Management Systems  Costantino, Cathy A. and Merchant, Christina Sickles  1996. San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass. 252 pp.

Conflict and Culture:  Literature Review & Bibliography. A. Duryea, Michelle LeBaron  1992 135 pp. (Lance Robinson <>)

Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In. Fisher, Roger; Ury, William; Patton, Bruce  2nd ed. 1991  161 pp. (Lance Robinson <>)

Collaborating Gray, Barbara  1989.   329 pp. (Lance Robinson <>)

Successful Negotiating in Local Government. Huelsberg, N.A.   and Lincoln, W.F  1985. Washington D.C.:   International City Management Association. (Lance Robinson <>)

New Approaches to Resolving Local Public Disputes  Madigan, D.; McMahon, G.; Susskind, L.E.; Rolley, S  1990  Washington D.C.: National Institute for Dispute Resolution. (Lance Robinson <>)

The Mediation Process:  Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict.   Moore, Christopher W.   1986  San Francisco:  Jossey- Bass.   348 pp. (Lance Robinson <>)

Resolving Community Disputes: An Annotated Bibliography about Community Justice Centres. Morris, Catherine, ed  1994  60 pp. (Lance Robinson <>)

Intergovernmental Mediation:  Negotiations in Local Government Disputes.Richman, R.; White, O.; Wilkinson, M  1986.   Boulder, CO: Westview Press. (Lance Robinson <>)

The Vision to Reconcile:Process Report on the Helpline Reconciliation Model Agreement   Roche, Douglas and Hoffman, Ben.   1993  120 pp. (Lance Robinson <>)

Dynamics of Third Party Mediation  Rubin, J.Z., ed  1981. New York: Praeger. (Lance Robinson <>)

'The Actors in Negotiation' Rubin, Jeffrey  1991. in Kremenyuk, V., ed., International Negotiation  San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass Publishers. (Lance Robinson <>)

Responding to Changing Times:Environmental Mediation in Canada. Shaftoe, David, ed  1993.   162 pp. (Lance Robinson <>)

Breaking the Impasse:  Consensual Approaches to Resolving Public Disputes.   Susskind, Lawrence E. and Cruikshank, Jeffrey  1987. New York:  Basic Books.   276 pp. (Lance Robinson <>)

Dealing With An Angry Public:The Mutual Gains Approach to Resolving Disputes. Susskind, Lawrence E. and Field, Patrick. 1996.   238 pp. (Lance Robinson <>)

Settling Things - Six Case Studies in Environmental Mediation. Talbot,A.R  1983. Washington, D.C.:  The Conservation Foundation. (Lance Robinson <>)

Mediating Interpersonal Conflict:  A Pathway to Peace  Umbreit, Mark.   1995  292 pp. (Lance Robinson <>)

Getting Disputes Resolved  Ury, William L; Brett, Jeanne M.; Goldberg, Stephen B  1993. 201pp. (Lance Robinson <>)

Artful Mediation:Constructive Conflict At Work  Yarbrough, Elaine and Wilmot, William  1995.   211pp  (Lance Robinson <>)

A Land Use and Development Consensus Building Manual.Godschalk, David R., Parham, David W., Porter, Douglas R., Potapchuk, William R., and Schulkraft, Steven W., Pulling Together: Washington, DC:  Program for Community Problem Solving, 1994), 145 pp.; $30.00, 3-ring binder  Facilitation Skills: The ASTD Trainer's Handbook Dennis Kinlaw (1996) (McGraw Hill)  ISBN 0-07-053444-6. ( "The best simple and concrete set of steps for dealing with conflict from a facilitator's perspective." John Brown & Sevilla Leowinata <>)

Tools for Coping with Conflict. Fisher, Roger, Kopelman, Elizabeth, and Schneider, Andrea Kupfer, Beyond Machiavelli: (Cambridge, MA:  Harvard University Press, 1994), $16.95

Constructive Citizen Participation: A Resource Book, Fifth Edition.Connor, Desmond, (Victoria, British Columbia: Development Press, 1994), $49.00, 200 pp., soft. (5096 Catalina Terrace, Victoria, BC V8Y2A5, Canada.)

Resolving Conflict:  Strategies for Local Government. Herman, Margaret S., ed., (Washington, DC:  International City/County Management Association, 1994), 206 pp.

When Talk Works:  Profiles of Mediators.   Kolb, Deborah M., (San Francisco:   Jossey-Bass, 1994), 535 pp.; $33.95

Barriers to the Negotiated Resolution of Conflict  03/1995 W. W. Norton & Company, Incorporated Edited by Kenneth Arrow, Robert H. Mnookin, Lee Ross, Amos Rversky and Robert Wilson. ISBN 0-393-03737-1 450p  $35.00

Conflict: Resolution & Ethnicity  08/1994 Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated Mohamed Rabie. ISBN 0-275-94598-7 (Praeger Publishers)   $55.00

The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution  01/1994 Putnam Publishing Group Dudley Weeks. ISBN 0-87477-751-8 272p  $12.95 (Bowker)   $ 13.95 (Ingram)

Conflict Resolution: Building Bridges  1993 Corwin Press, Incorporated Neil Katz, John W. Lawyer. Edited by Jerry J. Herman and Janice L. Herman. ISBN 0-8039-6057-3 64p. $15.00

Interactive Decision Making: The Graph Model for Conflict Resolution.   09/1993 John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated Liping Fang, Keith W. Hipel and D. Marc Kilgour. ISBN 0-471-59237-4 240p. $64.95

Rules for Reaching Consensus, Steven Saint and James R. Lawson, Pfeiffer & Company, ISBN 0-89384-256-7 $9.95


Team-Managed Facilitation: Critical Skills for Developing Self-Sufficient Teams  1993 Pfeiffer & Company Dennis C. Kinlaw. ISBN 0-88390-338-5 LCCN: 92-022811 150p. $19.95

How to Lead Work Teams: Facilitation Skills. 10/1991 Pfeiffer & Company Fran Rees  ISBN 0-88390-056-4 LCCN: 91-006561 161p. $24.95

Why Teams Don't Work, Harvey Robbins and Michael Finley (Peterson's/Pacesetter Books, ISBN 1-56079-497-6).

Group Techniques for Idea Building, Moore, Carl M., Second Edition. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 1994, 110 pp., $15.95

Group Techniques for Idea Building, Moore, Carl M., Second Edition.   (Thousand Oaks, CA:   Sage, 1994, 110 pp., $15.95, paper.

Team Building; ASTD Trainer's Sourcebook. C. Torres. ISBN 0070534357 MGWH 05/01/1995

Team Building: Current Issues & New Alternatives. 01/1995 3rd ed. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Incorporated William G. Dyer. ISBN 0-201-62882-1 176p. $26.95

Building a Dynamic Team: A Practical Guide to Maximizing Team Performance.   06/1994 Richard Chang Associates, Inc Richard Y. Chang.   ISBN 1-883553-31-8 120p. $12.95

Building Team Power: How to Unleash the Collaborative Genius of Work Teams  05/1994 Irwin Professional Publishing Thomas A. Kayser and Tonya Mantooth. ISBN 0-7863-0302-6 LCCN: 93-048207 304p. $25.00

Team Building for the Future: Beyond the Basics  03/1994 Pfeiffer & Company Robin Elledge and Steve Phillips. Ringbound ISBN 0-88390-380-6 LCCN:94-065257 364p. $79.95

Team Building: A Practical Guide for Trainers  09/1994 McGraw-Hill, Incorporated Neil Clark. ISBN 0-07-707846-2 LCCN: 94-004259 $24.95

Team Fitness: A How-to Manual for Building a Winning Work Team. 03/1994 A S Q C Quality Press Meg Hartzler and Jane E. Henry. ISBN 0-87389-269-0 LCCN: 93-048626 $24.95

Team-Building Skills: Trainer's Guide  06/1994 McGraw-Hill, Incorporated Ralph Lewis.

Building a Better Team: A Handbook for Managers & Facilitators. 09/1993 Ashgate Publishing Company Peter Moxon. ISBN 0-566-07424-9 (Gower Publishing Company, Limited (UK))  LCCN: 93-020443 250p. $55.95

Developing Directors: Building an Effective Boardroom Team. 09/1993 McGraw-Hill, Incorporated Colin Coulson-Thomas. ISBN 0-07-707590-0 LCCN: 93-008542

Team Building Tool Kit: Tips, Tactics, & Rules for Effective Workplace Teams  11/1993 A M A C O M Deborah Harrington-Mackin.ISBN 0-8144-7826-3 176p. $17.95

The Ten Minute Team: Ten Steps to Building High Performing Teams. 07/1993 2nd ed  Seluera Press Thomas Isgar. ISBN 0-9623464-1-1 120p. $14.95

Fifty Activities for Team Building  Vol. 1 02/1992 Human Resource Development Press Mike Woodcock, Richard P. Kropp Jr. and Glenn Parker. Ringbound ISBN 0-87425-174-5 248p. $139.95

Improving Work Groups: A Practical Manual for Team-Building. 11/1992 Pfeiffer & Company Dave Francis and Don Young. Ringbound ISBN 0-88390-330-X LCCN:92-031409 310p. $79.95

The Power of Team Building: Using Ropes Techniques  03/1992 Pfeiffer & Company Harrison Snow. illus. ISBN 0-88390-306-7 LCCN: 91-044321 206p  $34.95

More Than 50 Ways to Build Team Consensus Bruce R Williams Palatine, IL: IRI/Skylight Publishing, Inc  1993

A Manual for Group Facilitators Brian Auvine, et al Madison, WI: Center for Conflict Resolution 1978

More Than 50 Ways to Build Team Consensus, R. Bruce Williams. ISBN:   0-932935-48-6.   242 pages  $15.95.   IRI/Skylight; available through Miles River Press, Alexandria, VA.

100 Ways to Build Teams, Carol Scearce  ISBN:  0-932935-47-8. 205 pages  $15.95.   IRI/Skylight; available through Miles River Press, Alexandria, VA.

How To Unleash The Power Of People details how to effect change including culture change  It provides you a script with some dialog, when to do exactly what, the body language, procedures to use when there are more than just a few steps and guidelines for your actions. To order call: 800-257-7397 or write Simonton Associates, 8111 Bay Colony Drive #203, Naples, Fl 33963. Pay the special price of $39.97 plus $5 shipping, 6% sales tax for Florida residents, by MC/Visa or check. You can e-mail the author directly at

The Team Handbook, $39, Available from Joiner Associates, Inc., PO Box 5445, Madison, WI 53705, 1-800-669-8326 /, [Mark Frisco <>]

The Compleat Facilitator (Yes, that is the correct spelling) -- $29.95, Available from Howick Associates, 2828 Marshal Ct, Suite 100, Madison, WI 53705, Fax 608-233-1194 [Mark Frisco <>]

Tools for Virtual Teams. Jane E. Henry, Quality Press, Possible available from Jane E. Henry, Ph.D., 2619 Spruce, Boulder, CO 80302 [Jane E. Henry, Ph.D. <>]


The Fifth Discipline, The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization.   Peter Senge NY: Peter M. Senge 1990

The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook  Peter Senge 1994 Doubleday ISBN 0-385-47256-0 $29.95


Partcipative Design for Participative Democracy 1993 Edited by Merrelyn Emery, Centre for Continuing Education, Australian National University GPO Box 4, Canberra ACT 2601 ISBN 073-151-484-X

Management: Training for Participative Management  11/1994 Rector Press, Limited ISBN 0-7605-0775-9 165p. $145.00

Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making. Sam Kaner, et al., New Society Publishers/Canada 1996 (Kaner) ISBN 0-86571-346-4 (US-hardcover) 1-55092-254-8 (Canada-hardcover) 0-86571-347-2 (US-softcover) 1-55092-255-6 (Canada-softcover)

Participative Leader  06/1994 Irwin Professional Publishing Suzanne Zoglio ISBN 0-7863-0252-6 112p.$ 10.00

Participative Training Skills  10/1994 Ashgate Publishing Company John Rodwell. Edited by Billie Taylor. ISBN 0-566-07444-3 (Gower Publishing Company, Limited (UK)LCCN: 94-001072

How to Start a Participative Management Program: Ten Key Steps. 11/1991 Lewis & Renn Associates, Incorporated Jerre G. Lewis and Leslie D. Renn. ISBN 0-9628759-1-0 LCCN: 91-090576 104p.   $9.95

Methods for Active Participation Terry D. Bergdall Nairobi: Oxford University Press, 1993

Winning Through Participation, Meeting the Challenge of Corporate Change wi the Technology of Participation Laura J. Spencer Miles River Press, Alexandria, VA (800-767-1501) ISBN 0-8403-6196-3 185 Pages $21.95

Participation Works: Business Cases From Around the World, James P. Troxel, Gen. Ed  1993. Miles River Press, Alexandria, VA. 259 pages  ISBN: 0917917-0300. $24.95.

Government Works: Profiles of People Making a Difference, James P. Troxel, Gen. Ed. 1995  Miles River Press, Alexandria, VA 450 pages.   ISBN: 0-917917-04-9.   $24.95.


Power-up Teams & Tools: For Process Improvement & Problem Solving. 01/1995 Montgomery Group William L. Montgomery. ISBN 0-9641124-0-X 223p.

Process Improvement & Reengineering  07/1995 Crisp Publications, Incorporated Ilene Flanagan, Jon Scott. Edited by Philip Gerould. Illustrated by Ralph Mapson. ISBN 1-56052-322-0 100p. $8.95

Continuous Process Improvement: A Practical Guide to Improving Processes for Measurable Results  03/1994 Richard Chang Associates, Incorporated Richard Y. Chang. ISBN 1-883553-06-7 120p.   $ 12.95

Process Management, Quality Improvement: Designing, Documenting & Refining Business Systems  03/1994 John Wiley & Sons, Inc Gary Born. ISBN 0-471-94283-9 LCCN: 93-034916 $34.95

The Process Reengineering Workbook: Practical Steps to Working Faster & Smarter Through Process Improvement  06/1994 Quality Resources Jerry L. Harbour. ISBN 0-527-76240-7 LCCN: 94-014109 $19.95

Measuring Quality: Linking Customer Satisfaction to Process Improvement.   04/1993 Coopers & Lybrand Total Quality Management Services David Wilkerson, Clifton Cooksey and Daniel S. Ramelli III . ISBN 0-944533-05-1 160p. $24.95

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The Essential Handbook: Behind the Scenes of Large Group Interactive Events  Kristine Sullivan, et al.   Sullivan Publishing Group 1996/1997  Coilbound.   Available from the publisher, 20060 Vine Street, Shorewood, MN 55331-8694 $49 plus tax & shipping


(Note: All of the following books are by Harrison Owen and are
available from Abbott Publishing. To order single copies in the
US, send check or money order for the price of the book to Abbott
Publishing, PO Box 56, Cabin John, MD 20818 Phone: 301-469-9269
FAX: 301-983-9314)

Spirit: Transformation and Development in Organizations, Intro to
the world of Spirit and Open Space in Organizations. 247 pages,

Leadership Is, Describes in practical terms the rights, duties,
obligations, and opportunities of the new leadership which is us.
159 pages, $20

Riding The Tiger: Doing Business in a Transforming World,
proposes a new organizational life form is coming which he calls
the Interactive Learning Organization. 207 pages, $20

Open Space Technology: A User's Guide, Everything you ever wanted
to know about facilitating an OST event. 145 pages, $20

The Millennium Organization, a description of the organization
that will emerge in the next millennium. $20

Tales From Open Space (the latest publication) is a collection
of experiences edited by Harrison Owen. $20


Community Building: Renewing Spirit & Learning in Business,
edited by Kazimierz Gozdz, 500 pages, $37.75 With essays by John
Gardner, Peter Senge, Michael Ray, George Land, Marvin Weisbord,
et al. Intro by M. Scott Peck, MD


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What a Great Idea! by Charles "Chic" Thompson

Edward deBono's Mind Pack, ISBN 1564588645, Distributed by
Houghton Mifflin and can be ordered from them by calling
1-800-225-3362. $24.95.


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The Heart Aroused, David Whyte, Currency (Doubleday) - New York,
ISBN 0-385-48418-6, $11.95 (Paper) Whyte's argument, at its
Simplest, is that the soulless worklife is, in the end,
dissatisfying and even debilitating. [Grover Partee

The Consultant's Calling, Geoffrey M. Bellman, Jossey-Bass, San
Francisco, ISBN 1-55542-411-2. Geoff offers general advice at
Several levels: for beginners and those with more experience, for
internals and externals, for the self-employed and the would-be
self-employed. [Grover Partee <>]

Collaborative Leadership, David D. Chrislip and Carl E. Larson,
Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, ISBN 0-7879-0003-6. Putting your
skills To work making the place you live a better place. [Grover
Partee <>]

Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu Many publishers. The ancient Chinese
philosopher has a lot to say to facilitators. One of my
favorites is Chapter 60 which (creatively translated) says
"Facilitating is like cooking a small fish. Too much poking will
spoil it." [Grover Partee <>]

Learning as a Way of Being, Peter B. Vaill; Jossey-Bass, Pub.
ISBN 0-7879-0246-2

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