Togzhan Kassenova

Togzhan Kassenova

Senior Fellow
Project on International Security, Commerce, and Economic Statecraft (PISCES)
Togzhan Kassenova

Dr. Togzhan Kassenova is an expert on nuclear politics, WMD nonproliferation, and financial crime prevention. She currently works on issues related to proliferation financing controls, exploring ways to minimize access of proliferators to the global financial system.

She also conducts research on Brazil’s nuclear policy. Brazil possesses a full nuclear fuel cycle technology and is the only non-nuclear weapon state that is developing a nuclear-powered submarine.

Kassenova, a native of Kazakhstan, is writing a comprehensive nuclear history of her country. The upcoming book covers forty years of Soviet nuclear testing and health and environmental damage they inflicted, and the pivotal decisions Kazakhstan took on the fate of more than a thousand Soviet nuclear weapons left on its territory after the Soviet collapse.

Kassenova holds a PhD in Politics from the University of Leeds and is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).