Experiential Learning Opportunities

Experiential Learning Opportunities

NYS Senate Interns were Rockefeller students in 2021-22
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NYS Assembly Interns were Rockefeller students in 2021-22
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students participated in the Semester in Washington Program in Spring '22
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Excelsior Service Fellows were Rockefeller students in the 2021-23 cohort
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For Undergraduate Students
Model European Union (EU) and Model United Nations (UN) Programs

Through simulation and role play, students participating in a Model EU or Model UN exercise gain valuable knowledge about globalization and multilateral diplomacy, improve their understanding of current events and sharpen their communications and collaboration skills. For more information, contact Zakhar Berkovich, Director of Undergraduate Student Services at [email protected] or 518-442-3113.

NYS Assembly Internship

The Assembly Internship is a comprehensive academic program which gives qualified students the chance to work in the New York State Assembly. The comprehensive experience is open to all majors. Click here for more information or to apply.

NYS Senate Internship

Since 1978, the New York State Senate Undergraduate Session Assistant Program has given students direct access to state government and the legislative process. Approximately 30 undergraduate students are selected for this unique experience every year. Strong personal initiative and principles are essential for success in the program. Click here to watch the 2023 Model Legislative Session.

Click here for more information or to apply.

Semester In Washington

Semester in Washington Brochure

The Semester in Washington Program offers students a life-changing and invaluable experience learning, living, and interning in Washington, D.C. An integral part of the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy’s Department of Political Science, the program is designed to be both a capstone and a launching pad. While exploring the nation’s capital, you will:

  • Meet political leaders
  • Get an inside view of government
  • Develop the tools you will need to launch a successful career in any field
  • Earn 15 credits

You will do all this while taking small seminars and working closely with a faculty member on work that will grow out of your own interests. The Semester in Washington is offered in the spring semester for UAlbany students in any major with junior or senior standing.

Applications are accepted in the fall and spring for the following two semesters. See Handshake for current application and timeline.

For more information contact:
Joan Marso, Coordinator of Internships and Career Services, [email protected]

Rockefeller College Dean's Leadership Council

Established in 2012 to advise Rockefeller College staff on programs and offerings, as well as organize and participate in events, the Rockefeller College Dean's Leadership Council (RCDLC) has taken on the challenge of creating its own speaker series, organizing a reading day "study break" for students, participating in campus events such as Relay for Life, and bringing local legislators to campus to engage with students and faculty. For more information, contact Zakhar Berkovich, Director of Undergraduate Student Services at [email protected] or 518-442-3113.

Thinking Ahead: Careers in Political Science and Public Policy

This course gives students an opportunity to hear first-hand from professionals working in the field. Drawing on Rockefeller’s successful alumni network, each class session features a different guest speaker introducing students to a range of careers that once began in a political science or public administration classroom. The course also provides students an opportunity to practice and fine tune behaviors linked to success in internships, graduate school, and careers.

For Graduate Students
Excelsior Service Fellowship

Launched by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in 2013, the Excelsior Service Fellowship Program is an initiative to bring highly talented recent graduates of law, graduate, and professional schools into government service. Excelsior Fellows bring diverse backgrounds and new perspectives to a host of policy and operational positions in New York State government. The fellows start each year in early September and are placed within the Executive Chamber, a government agency, or authority for a two-year fellowship. Application announcements for the fellowship are sent out in November and applications are due in January. For more information about this program and how to apply, please contact [email protected].

New York Senate Graduate Fellowship

The Graduate Fellowships offered by the Senate include Legislative Fellowships and Memorial Fellowships. For more information or to apply: https://www.nysenate.gov/student-programs

NYS Assembly Graduate Fellowship Program

The Assembly Graduate Fellowship Program is a comprehensive academic program which gives qualified graduate students the chance to work in the NYS Assembly. For more information: http://assembly.state.ny.us/internship. Application announcements are made through the student program listserv. For more information about this program and how to apply, please contact [email protected].

Study Abroad

International Dual Degree Programs

Bocconi University Milan, Italy

Through its MPA program, Rockefeller College partners with Bocconi University to offer a dual degree program. The first year is completed in Albany and the second year is completed in Milan (UAlbany tuition and fees). Degrees will be awarded from both programs:  Masters in Public Administration from the University at Albany, and Laurea Specialistica in Economia e Management delle Amministrazioni Pubbliche e delle Istituzioni Internazionali (CLAPI-LS). Coursework is taught in English.


Fudan University Shanghai, China

Rockefeller MPA students may study at Fudan University for one semester as a non-degree student (UAlbany tuition and fees). Courses completed may be applied to graduation requirements. Fudan offers you the opportunity to take courses on the topic of global affairs while studying and living in an exciting area of the world. Some coursework is available in English; Chinese language coursework is also available.


Study Abroad Note: In addition to existing study abroad opportunities and dual-degree programs within Rockefeller College, the University’s Center for International Education and Global Strategy’s Education Abroad can connect students with many established programs abroad. Several faculty members also lead students on short-term trips abroad. To learn more, visit UAlbany’s Education Abroad website.


For International Students

Rockefeller College is proud of our rich diversity of students and faculty people come to our campus from all over the world to learn, grow, and achieve success. For more information, visit UAlbany's Center for International Education and Global Strategy.