Academic Progress Reporting

As a university, we are committed to the success of our students and recognize the importance of identifying the need for within term academic support. Given this, we have expanded in-term progress reporting to include all students. These reports serve to provide timely academic support for any student identified as at-risk for failing a course.

In an effort to streamline the academic progress reporting process, UAlbany has combined most student feedback reports into one request. By combining these requests, we are able to simplify the process and provide you with a single point of entry to submit your student progress reports.

In response to feedback about this process from last semester, we wish to clarify the following points: 

  • Large courses: While we anticipate that these reports will be minimally time consuming, we understand that this may be challenging for larger courses.  If it is not possible to respond out on all students on the list we ask that you please focus on those students you would identify as at-risk in your course and note that in the report. 

  • Multiple instructors: If there are multiple instructors listed for a course or the course has a discussion section or lab as a co-graded component, the primary instructor of the course should determine who will submit the progress report for the student. Only one reply is needed per student per course.

  • If you need an extension: We understand that each course is structured differently and faculty may not have completed assessments yet. If you need an extension for reporting, please contact Natalie Coffey at: [email protected].


The Reporting Process:


6 Week Request

In-term feedback is requested via email during the sixth week of the semester.

What to do when you receive the request:

Step 1: Click on the link

  • The request email is entitled “Progress Reports - Student Feedback Requested”.
  • Click on the link at the bottom of the email entitled “Click to Begin Entering Student Feedback”.
    • You will see that there is an expiration date by which you should submit all of your feedback.
  • The link is unique to your courses and you should only share it with persons authorized to submit grading reports on your behalf.

Step 2: Entering Feedback

  • On the entry page, there are rosters of the selected students separated by course number.
  • For each student, please select yes or no to identify if a student is: “At-Risk to Fail Your Class”
  • If you select YES a student is "At-risk to Fail Your Class", you will be prompted to choose a reason.
    • Please choose "Progress Feedback" from the available Alert Reasons. This will automatically create an EAB Alert/Case which is generated for the student's advisor for follow-up.
    • Please only submit an Alert Reason for students "At-risk to Fail Your Class."
  • You do not have to mark students that are not at risk. Any student left blank when submitted will be marked as "Not At-Risk."
  • Please continue to fill out as many fields as possible.



Step 3: Submitting Feedback

  • When you are done entering feedback, please click the blue button at the bottom labelled “Submit all unmarked students as not At-Risk (I’m all done).”
  • If you would like to save your work and come back, please click the blue button at the bottom labelled “Submit only marked students (but I’m not done).”



Progress Report Workflow:

Progress Report Flowchart

Please Note:

  • If you have a student who is not on the roster, please notify the Registrar's Office immediately. 

  • Students are included in receiving alerts for progress reports so they are able to see the feedback directly. Advisors will still reach out to connect with students for support. 

  • For security purposes, the entry page is only active for a two-hour window of time. Leaving the feedback browser tab idling or inactive half-way through completion of your progress reporting for longer than the two-hour time frame may cause data loss. We recommend saving frequently.

  • You will receive auto-generated emails about these Progress Reports once the advisor has meet with the student. These emails are informational only and you do not need to take any action.  You are, of course, welcome to review those Alert/Case reports and provide feedback as "Comments" directly through the system, if you would like. 

  • EAB Navigate is university sanctioned and generated from a FERPA compliant university platform. Your assistance in the university's efforts to assure continuity and collaboration is critical to supporting our students and achieving our goals for student academic success.    

We understand that this is a significant number of students and appreciate the effort faculty put in to responding. Thank you for your continued engagement and support of our students.