Undergraduate Education

Our team manages undergraduate academic policies, the Dean’s List, Honors Medallions, academic standing, General Education requirements, waivers, substitutions, appeals, transfer recommendations and articulation agreements. Make an appointment. 

Richard Fogarty
Richard Fogarty
Associate Professor & Collins Fellow; Associate Vice Provost & Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education
Stephanie Hassan Richardson
Stephanie Hassan Richardson
Director of the Writing & Critical Inquiry Program
Kaitlyn Beachner
Staff Associate for Undergraduate Programs
Natalie Coffey
Assistant to the Dean

Academic Progression & Success

Our team manages undergraduate withdrawal and readmission, the Academic Recovery Program, peer mentoring and academic coaching, as well as leaves for approved studies, degrees in absentia and student-initiated interdisciplinary majors and minors. Make an appointment. 

Assistant Dean & Director
Taconic 367
Assistant to the Dean
Taconic 369
Coordinator for Student Retention & Persistence; Academic Completion Coach
Taconic 365
Academic Completion Coach
Taconic 321
Academic Completion Coach
Taconic 317

Degree Completion & Learning Assessment

Our team manages the University’s Credit for Prior Learning and Degree Completion programs. Please email [email protected] to make an appointment.

Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Innovation
Taconic 359