Berglund Lab Members

Berglund Lab Members
J. Andrew Berglund
Professor, Director of The RNA Institute
LS 2033I
Jodi Bubenik, PhD
Assistant Scientist, Joint Appointment with Maury Swanson at the University of Florida
Eva Clervoyant
Undergraduate Research Student
Emily Davey
Undergraduate Research Student
Elizabeth Delgado, BSc
Graduate Student Joint appointment with Eric Wang - at the University of Florida
Melissa Hinman, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Joint appointment with Karen Guillemin - at the University of Oregon
Ryan Meng
Bioinformatics Support Specialist
Life Sciences 2097
Lori Planco, BSBA
Research Support Specialist
Tammy Reid, MSc, CCRC
Research and Development Manager, Berglund Lab Manager
Life Sciences 2033J
Mark Verenich
Undergraduate Research Student