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Lab Members


Principal Investigator
Research Support
Claudia Lennon
Bioinformatics Support Specialist
Rob Merritt
Sr. Research Support Specialist
Lori Planco, BSBA
Research Support Specialist
Caroline Pritchard
Research Support Specialist
Tammy Reid
Research and Development Manager, Berglund Lab Manager
Life Sciences 2033H


Undergraduate Researchers

  • Humyra Oishi
  • Lucas Hooker
  • Maria Villacreses
Research Scientists
Post-Doctoral Fellows
Ashif Bhuiyan
Postdoctoral Associate
Cécilia Légaré
Postdoctoral Associate with Berglund lab, University at Albany and Duchesne Lab, University of Quebec
Jiss Louis
Postdoctoral Fellow appointed with Berglund Lab and Reddy Lab
Kahini Sarkar
Postdoctoral Associate
Graduate Students
Amy Mascorro
Graduate Student advised by Berglund Lab and Sheng Lab
Jacob Schroader
PhD Student with Reddy Lab and Berglund Lab
Berglund Lab Alumni
Jodi Bubenik, PhD
Assistant Scientist, Joint Appointment with Maury Swanson at the University of Florida
Eva Clervoyant
Undergraduate Research Student
Elizabeth Delgado, BSc
Graduate Student Joint appointment with Eric Wang - at the University of Florida
Melissa Hinman, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Joint appointment with Karen Guillemin - at the University of Oregon
Chris Kaszluga
Part-time Technician
Hormoz Mazdiyasni, MSc
Medicinal Chemistry Scientist
Mark Verenich
Undergraduate Research Student