Faculty Experts

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College of Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor
Department: History

Expert in the following: 20th century politics and public policy in the U.S.; history of refugees and immigrants in the U.S.; history of the U.S. and human rights; history of American foreign policy
Campus phone: (518) 442-5368
Campus email: cbontempo@albany.edu

        Courtney D'Allaird

Courtney D'Allaird
University at Albany
Department: Gender & Sexuality Resource Center

Expert in the following: student services; gender; LGBTQ+; sexuality, transgender; social justice; coalition building; intersectionality; transitioning to college; conference management
Campus phone: (518) 442-5580
Campus email: cdallaird@albany.edu

School of Social Welfare
Department: Social Welfare

Expert in the following: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people; families and communities, sexuality, relationships, parenting; adoption.
Campus phone: (518) 438-2222
Campus email: alev@albany.edu

College of Arts and Sciences
Department: Music and Theatre

Expert in the following: Theatrical design and technology; lighting design; women in theatre; technology; drafting for the theatre (hand and computer-aided); gay and lesbian issues in the theatre workplace
Campus phone: (518) 442-4210
Campus email: andi@albany.edu

University at Albany
Deputy Chief
Department: University Police Department

Expert in the following: Community relations; personal safety; self-defense training; policing; criminal justice
Campus phone: (518) 442-3130
Campus email: amull@albany.edu