Cultures Experts

Elise Andaya
Department of Anthropology
Associate Professor of Anthropology; Affiliated Faculty for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Areas of expertise: Cuba and political/economic changes, Reproductive health, Reproductive technologies, Cross-cultural ideas of family, Gender, Sexuality
Nicholas Conway
Department of Music & Theatre
Areas of expertise: Hip hop music and culture
jose cruz photo
Department of Political Science, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy
O'Leary Professor
Areas of expertise: Comparative politics, Census data, Latino culture, Political values, Attitudes and behavior, Media studies
Anthony DeBlasi Photo
Department of East Asian Studies, Department of History
Associate Professor of Chinese Studies
Areas of expertise: China, Chinese culture, Chinese history, Confucianism
Julia Hormes
Department of Psychology, Psychological Services Center
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Psychology of human food choice, Eating behaviors, Food preferences and aversions, Cultural differences in eating behaviors, Eating disorders, Overweight and obesity, Cravings, Food cravings, Chocolate craving, Perimenstrual and pregnancy cravings, Social networking and video game addiction, Substance use, Status of women in academia
Irwin Portrait
Department of History
Associate Professor & Director of the Institute for History and Public Engagement
Areas of expertise: American foreign relations, globalization, international organizations, decolonization
Ron Jacobs
Department of Sociology
Areas of expertise: Theory, Culture and mass media, Politics and democracy
Sean Rafferty
Department of Anthropology
Areas of expertise: Ancient tobacco, Shamanism, Native American smoking pipes, Archaeology of eastern North America, Archaeology of New York State, Cultural resource management
Dr. Marcia Sutherland
Department of Psychology, Department of Africana, Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Social and psychological development of black children, inclusiveness of education, transracial adoption, HIV/AIDS and people of African descent, enslavement and colonial experiences of people of African descent, black studies, mock jury trials, nonverbal behavior of people of African descent