Childhood Experts

Dr. Bell smiles at the camera
School of Public Health, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Environmental Health Sciences, Office of Regulatory & Research Compliance, Division for Research & Economic Development
Professor & Interim Assistant Vice President for Research Compliance
Areas of expertise: Environmental exposures, Birth outcomes, Birth defects, Child development
Kristin Christodulu
Clinical Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Autism spectrum disorders, Developmental disabilities, Challenging behavior, Positive behavior support, Sleep disturbances
Joanna Dreby
Sociology, Latin American, Caribbean & U.S. Latino Studies
Areas of expertise: Immigration, Families, Children
Heather Larkin Holloway
School of Social Welfare
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Adverse childhood experiences, Substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, Restorative Integral Support, Healthy Environments and Relationships That Support, Meditation interventions, Emerging practices, Service Outcomes Action Research, Post-Trauma Wellness, Intergenerational and lifespan perspectives, Aging
Catherine Lawrence
School of Social Welfare
MSW Program Director & Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Social welfare policy, History and services, Poverty, Child welfare, Cultural competence
Hal A. Lawson
School of Social Welfare
Vincent O'Leary Professor
Areas of expertise: School-family-community partnerships, Child welfare, Interprofessional collaboration
A portrait of Jen Manganello.
School of Public Health, Health Policy, Management and Behavior
Areas of expertise: Health communication, Health literacy, Health disparities, Mass media, Social media, Media campaigns, Health information seeking
Mary McCarthy Headshot
School of Social Welfare
Areas of expertise: Child welfare, Children and families, Political social work
David Miller
Educational & Counseling Psychology, School of Education
Areas of expertise: School psychology, Developmental psychopathology, Behavioral interventions, Consultation and prevention, Cognitive-behavior therapy for children and adolescents
Lawrence M. Schell
Anthropology, School of Public Health, Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Distinguished Professor
Areas of expertise: Anthropology, Minority health disparities, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Childhood development, Environmental health, Risk factors
Bruce Svare
Areas of expertise: Steroid abuse among athletes, Early specialization and professionalization of young athletes, Overemphasis on winning, Academic corruption in high schools and colleges, Increasing of performance enhancing drugs, Declining sportsmanship, Violence exhibited by athletes, coaches, parents, and fans, Media coverage of young athletes, Sports gambling, Increasing abandonment of intramural, recreational, and fitness-based needs of kids, Rising obesity, Increasing incidents of sports injury, Burnout, Overtraining of young athletes