Literature Experts

Susanna Fessler
Department of East Asian Studies
Professor of Japanese Studies
Areas of expertise: Japanese literature and culture of the modern era
Courtney Ryan
Writing & Critical Inquiry Program
Areas of expertise: Eco-theater, Eco-art, Eco-performance, Environmental justice literature, Environmental justice studies, The anthropocene, Contemporary theater, Popular Culture
Ed Schwarzschild
Department of English
Areas of expertise: Fiction writing, Creative writing, Novels, Short stories, American literature, Contemporary American literature, Literature and the visual arts
Timothy Sergay
Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Associate Professor of Russian
Areas of expertise: Russian language, Russian-English translation, 20th century Russian literature
Mary Valentis sits at her desk. She wears a gray sweater and her auburn hair is cut shoulder-length with bangs.
Department of English
Visiting Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Popular Culture and Mass Media, Relationships, Film, Cinema and Psychoanalysis, Gender Issues