Mathematics Experts

Kevin Knuth
Professor of Physics
Areas of expertise: Space Exploration, exoplanets, quantum mechanics and relativity, robotics
Cristian Lenart
Mathematics & Statistics
Professor and Chair
Areas of expertise: Algebraic combinatorics, Lie groups and Lie algebras, representation theory, Schubert calculus on flag manifolds, formal group theory with applications to algebraic topology, cluster analysis
Rabi Musah
Chemistry, The RNA Institute, Center for Achievement, Retention & Student Success (CARSS)
Associate Vice Provost for Learning Commons; Professor
Areas of expertise: Isolation, Analysis, Biological evaluation and structure elucidation of natural products from medicinally important plants, Rational evaluation of folkloric, ethno-medical, and traditional medicinal plants, Organic chemistry, Experimental physical chemistry, Biochemistry, Experimental methods of organic structure determination, Pharmacognosy
Karin Reinhold
Mathematics & Statistics
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Ergodic theory, analysis and probability
Annalisa Scimemi
Biological Sciences
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Electrophysiology, Imaging, Computational Neuroscience