Music Experts

Duncan J. Cumming
Department of Music & Theatre
Professor and Chair
Areas of expertise: Piano , Music theory , Chamber music
Robert J. Gluck
Department of Music & Theatre
Professor, Emeritus
Areas of expertise: Jazz performance, Jazz history, Electronic music, Electroacoustic music, Interactivity in the arts, Multimedia installation art, Judaism, Jewish religion, Jewish music, Jewish history
max lifchitz photo
Department of Music & Theatre
Areas of expertise: Latin American and American music, Contemporary concert music
P.D. Magnus
Department of Philosophy
Areas of expertise: Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Music
nancy newman photo
Department of Music & Theatre, Department of Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: European and American music since 1800, Music and popular culture, Film music and feminist theory