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5 Questions with Brandon Lewis

Staff at the School of Public Health are passionate about helping students graduate ready for successful careers. We sat down with Brandon Lewis, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, to learn more about him and his work.

A Children’s Literature Educator Champions the Humanizing Classroom Experience

Kelly Wissman’s belief in the potential for children's literature, the arts and writing to help young learners better understand themselves and their world has made her the 2021 recipient of the prestigious Jerry Johns Outstanding Teacher Educator in Reading Award of the International Literacy Association.

UAlbany Renewables Researcher Creates Interactive Map for Solar Panel Deployment Across the U.S.

The numbers show that solar power can firmly and affordably meet the bulk of U.S. energy demands.

New Exhibition opens in University Art Museum’s New Gallery

UAM's new Collections Study Gallery hosts its first exhibition.

Environmental Research on 9/11 Tragedy Preserved in Library of Congress

The first-hand account of a School of Public Health professor’s response to the environmental health issues associated with the World Trade Center attack is now being preserved by the Library of Congress.

A UAlbany Summer: NASA Technologist

An Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD student is spending this summer working as a visiting technologist for NASA, part of a prestigious fellowship program awarded to fewer than 60 people per year who show significant potential to contribute to NASA’s goal of creating innovative new space technologies.

UAlbany’s Third Annual School Safety and Preparedness Summit to Focus on Post-Pandemic Education and Mental Health

A virtual panel discussion will focus on the psychological well-being of students, teachers and staff of all ages when schools and colleges return to primarily in-person learning this fall.

Girls Inc. Eureka! Imparts Knowledge with Fun to Young STEM Students

For the fourth straight summer, the College of Arts & Sciences hosts Girls Inc. Eureka! program, with faculty from seven UAlbany departments imparting a love of STEM subjects to girls from the Capital Region.

UAlbany and GlobalFoundries Announce New Education Partnership

GlobalFoundries employees have a new pathway to enhance their education through a partnership that launched this summer.

Study: Minority Students Faced Greater Barriers to In-School Instruction During Pandemic

UAlbany researchers study finds that white students were provided in-person instruction 31 percent of the time while just 6 percent of black students were provided in-person instruction during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oceanographer Shares Her Research through Artistic Expression

Sujata Murty, an assistant professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, partnered with a composite photographer to visualize her dives in the Indonesian Seas and Pacific Ocean.

Two Cellular Scientists Rewarded as ‘Early Stage Investigators’

Two UAlbany scientists making strides in their independent research have received robust financial encouragement from the NIH to make critically important breakthroughs in the effort to reveal cellular causes of disease and to create novel therapeutics.