Mental Health Experts

Kristin Christodulu
Clinical Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Autism spectrum disorders, Developmental disabilities, Challenging behavior, Positive behavior support, Sleep disturbances
Dr. M. Dolores Cimini headshot wearing purple blazer
Center for Behavioral Health Promotion and Applied Research, Educational & Counseling Psychology, School of Education, Psychological Services Center
Director & Senior Research Scientist
Areas of expertise: Psychology, Mental health issues, Suicide prevention, Alcohol and other drug misuse prevention in college students, Collegiate recovery programs, Peer counseling and peer education, College student hotlines, Peer theater programs, diversity, inclusion, and social justice , Disability issues
John Forsyth
Psychology, Psychological Services Center
Areas of expertise: Anxiety, fear, worry, and stress, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy , self-compassion and kindness, human thriving, living well
Kelly Gorman
Office of Health Promotion
Director of the Office of Health Promotion
Areas of expertise: College student health, Health promotion, Mental health promotion, Health promoting universities, Suicide prevention, Title IX in higher education, Sexual violence and prevention in college settings, Victim/survivor advocacy, Health equity in higher education, Flourishing and authentic excellence, Substance use among college students, Collegiate recovery programs, Alcohol and drug-related policy
Dr. Julia Hastings smiles at the camera.
School of Public Health, Health Policy, Management and Behavior
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Poverty issues among ethnic minority populations, Mental health and welfare participation dynamics, African American health and mental health disparities
Julia Hormes
Psychology, Psychological Services Center
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Psychology of human food choice, Eating behaviors, Food preferences and aversions, Cultural differences in eating behaviors, Eating disorders, Overweight and obesity, Cravings, Food cravings, Chocolate craving, Perimenstrual and pregnancy cravings, Social networking and video game addiction, Substance use, the status of women in academia
Lani Jones
School of Social Welfare, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Areas of expertise: Mental Health, Black feminism and therapy, Evidenced-based practice and group work
A portrait of Elizabeth Vasquez.
School of Public Health, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Latin American, Caribbean & U.S. Latino Studies
Department Chair, Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: Epidemiology of aging, Physical activity, Cognitive function, Disability, Sedentary behavior, Individual and communities social determinants of health
Lynn Warner
School of Social Welfare
Areas of expertise: Substance Abuse, mental health policy