Africa Experts

Ryan M. Irwin
Associate Professor & Director of the Institute for History and Public Engagement
Areas of expertise: American foreign relations, globalization, international organizations, decolonization
Dr. Marcia Sutherland
Africana Studies, Psychology
Associate Professor, Chair of Africana Studies
Areas of expertise: Social and psychological development of black children, inclusiveness of education, transracial adoption, HIV/AIDS and people of African descent, enslavement and colonial experiences of people of African descent, black studies, mock jury trials, nonverbal behavior of people of African descent
Christopher D. Thorncroft
Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences
Director, Atmospheric Sciences Research Center and Professor
Areas of expertise: Tropical weather and climate, monsoons, hurricanes
Dr. Oscar Williams
Africana Studies
Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: African American history and literature, American slavery, black nationalism, black conservatism, slavery in New York