Center for Technology in Government

The Center for Technology in Government (CTG) is a university-wide applied research center that works with government to foster public sector innovation, enhance capability, generate public value, and support good governance. We carry out this mission through applied research, knowledge sharing, and collaborative problem solving at the intersection of policy, management, and technology. The goal of every CTG partnership project is to build knowledge that improves the way government works. The results of these projects are used by government practitioners and academic researchers to better understand the role of information, to provide policy and practice guidance, and to inform organizational decisions. CTG projects have helped state, local, and federal agencies increase productivity and coordination, reduce costs, enhance quality, and deliver better services to citizens and businesses. In addition, CTG has an array of reports, tools, and resources available online to support both government professionals and academic researchers.

Contact: Alison Heaphy
Phone: (518) 442-3892