Beth Feingold

Environmental health scientist with a research interest in global environment health and a particular focus on food and its impact on the environment.

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Beth Feingold

Assistant Professor
School of Public Health
Department: Environmental Health Sciences

Geographic information systems and spatial analysis; industrial food animal production; climate, land use change, and health; hair and nail biomarkers of trace element exposures; and the food environment.

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Dr. Feingold joined the UAlbany School of Public Health as an Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences in September 2014. Dr. Feingold is an interdisciplinary environmental health scientist, with a research interest in global environmental health and a focus on the food, environment and health nexus. With collaborators at Duke University, the US Navy Medical Research Unit-6, and Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Dr. Feingold has worked since 2011 in the Southern Peruvian Amazon on The IMAS - Investigacion de Migracion, Ambiente y Salud (Migration Health and Environment)- Study to understand the impacts of the development of the Transoceanic Highway, completed in 2012 across South America. This work is coupled with her involvement in two other studies also in the Madre de Dios region of Peru focused on assessing population exposure to mercury. Funded in part by the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research, as well as NIEHS, UAlbany, and other Universities, her specific research areas within these studies has focused on children’s nutrition, assessing exposure to the western diet using carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes, and assessing exposures to trace elements including mercury, arsenic, cadmium, selenium and lead. Also in Peru but with a focus in the Northern Amazon, Dr. Feingold collaborates on NASA-funded research to understand the climate and land use drivers of malaria with an interdisciplinary group of researchers.

In addition to her international work, Dr. Feingold is engaged in research related to the food, environment and health nexus in the United States as well. She is the PI of a 4-year multidisciplinary community-engaged project aimed at modeling the environmental, nutritional and human health impacts of the produce recovery and redistribution system in New York’s Capital Region. Lastly, she is engaged in research with collaborators at the University of Vermont, building upon her previous work to understand environmental health impacts of industrial food animal production using spatial analysis methods.

She was previously a postdoctoral associate at Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment, affiliated with the Duke Global Health Institute, and the Glendadore and Howard L Pim Postdoctoral Fellow in Global Change at Johns Hopkins University Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. Beth earned her PhD in the Division of Environmental Health Engineering within the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She earned a Master’s of Environmental Science and a Master’s of Public Health in Environmental Health from Yale University and a Bachelor’s in Geology from Vassar College. Dr. Feingold is a senior fellow with the Environmental Leadership Program.